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Are You Safe From The Agony Of Running Out Of Cash?

Start_saving_before_its_to_lateI know you’ve heard this saying, “Cash is King.”  And the truth is, it is.

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Topics: retirement planning, Cash Flow, savings

Get Ready For Retirement By Planning Now

retirement,_nowRetirement is one of the biggest changes you’re ever going to make.  Too often I see people retire, then wish they never did it.  They’ve not thought through some of the changes that are likely to happen. 

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Topics: retirement planning, retirement, exit planning

The Greatest Buy/Sell Plan Ever

business_ideaIt’s really simple.  Include your spouse while you’re making the plan.  It’s not a hard thing to do, it just takes courage.

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Topics: exit planning, spouse, business development

How To Avoid Really Big Investment Mistakes

investing_canvaIn the investment world there is a research firm named Dalbar.  They’ve done tons of research on what has come to be called “investor behavior.”  If you have an investment account, you’re the type of person Dalbar has researched.

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Topics: investment management, investing, investing research

Don’t Be A Chicken. Start A Customer Advisory Board

customer_advisory_boardA customer advisory board is a first cousin to a peer group.  The difference is the peers are all customers or clients of your company.  The purpose of a customer advisory board is to help you make your business better.  Like peer groups customer advisory boards have rules that if followed will increase the groups value.

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Topics: creating value, customer advisory boards, business development

Stop Making Dumb Decisions Now!

decisionHow often have you made a major decision before you became clear on what you want?  If you’ve ever made a mistake on a big decision I bet you spent almost no time figuring out what and more importantly why you wanted to do something.

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Topics: decision making, life changes, career changes

Don’t Waste Your Twenties

career_pathI recently read a book by Meg Jay titled The Defining Decade.  In this book Ms. Jay talks about how it’s fine to find yourself in your twenties and at the same time you don’t want to waste that decade.

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Topics: succession planning, op ed, career development

Finally An Excellent Solution To Leaving Your Business?

business_exit_planningI spend lots of time talking to owners of private companies like you who aren’t sure how they’re going to leave their business.  You might think that you want to sell your company to an outsider….someone who can pay you lots of cash.  You also might find that after a conversation with someone like me you realize your business isn’t going to get you the cash you thought.

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Topics: exit planning, business exit planning, selling

A Hidden Truth About Legacy

legacyToo often in our world of wealth management estate planning is about splitting up the money after you’re gone.  I think this is too bad.  For me, estate planning is also about leaving a legacy of wisdom.

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Topics: wealth management, Legacy Planning, estate planning

Have You Screwed Up Recently?

customer_service_2I’m talking about customer service that is.  When everything clicks and you’re delivering service that your customers expect you don’t know how good or bad you are.  You only know that you’re not getting complaints.

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Topics: Customer Service, repeat customers, customer delight

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