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Avoid The Hazard Of Running Out Of Cash

  out-of-cashI want you to think about cash for a few minutes. I want you to know that it means you need to keep cash on hand so when the inevitable rainy day comes along you don’t run short on cash.

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You Need Win/Win Or No Deal

win-win_or_noway I while read a very interesting blog post from Diane Brogan, mother of Internet star Chris Brogan.  The gist of the post was that someone in a book review had very poorly treated her son from Chris’ most recent book, The Impact Equation

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The Disastrous Results Of Not Saving For Your Retirement

blogrt.jpgWe’re taught that the only good business is a big business.  The truth is that for most business owners they will never have a big business.  I think that for most business owners having the goal of a big business will just move them heartache and heartache.

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5 Ways You’ll Profit From The Phrase Not Yet


I’ve written a lot about the word no. It’s something I think you need to learn to say more in life. When you say no, you’re building time for you to say yes to the right things.

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Put Your Phone Away - Now


That might be something my wife would say to me. Sometimes I think we’re just too connected to our electronic toys and it gets in the way of our relationships.

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A Remarkably Simple Truth About Your Investments


There is a principle in behavioral finance called a recency bias. This is where you believe that what has happened in the past 30 to 60 days will become the new normal.

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Discounted Cash Flow Is Evil


I find it amusing when someone tells me about their business buyer using discounted cash flow as a method to value their business. When I hear this, I know there is a very good chance the buyer is going to get a great deal and the acquisition will financially fail.

If you’re curious about my opinion, then you’ll just have to read on.

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What’s Your Red Velvet Rope Policy


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Boomers Are You Ready To Simplify Your Life


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