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Get Ready For Retirement By Planning Now

retirment_planningRetirement is one of the biggest changes you’re ever going to make.  Too often I see people retire, then wish they never did it.  They’ve not thought through some of the changes that are likely to happen. 

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Topics: retirement planning, 401 (k) plans, life changes

Be Smart, Put Your Family First

family_firstOne of my requirements if you do business with me is we have an alignment meeting between you, your spouse and I.  I do this for a reason.  I want to find out how your spouse feels about your business.  I want to understand how much risk he or she thinks you’re taking.

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Topics: life insurance, estate planning, spouse

Are You Sabotaging Your Investments?

investingI’ve always been a little confused about the term behavioral economics.  I think the term really should be behavioral psychology.  After all, it’s really about how you behave around money issues not what you do with your money.

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Topics: investing, changes, behavioral economics

How To Charge Enough Even If You’re Scared

value__pricingI was recently at a meeting where the majority of the people in attendance were young entrepreneurs and business owners.  Most of them where unhappy with how much money they were making.

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Topics: creating value, test pricing, pricing

Finally A Solution About Dealing With Change

life_changesChange happens quickly.  It’s not something that takes forever.  It often is immediately preceded by a phone call.  It’s what happens after the phone call that takes a long time.

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Topics: Change, life changes, transitions

Do You Know How Buyers Look At Your Business?

Exit_planningI’m often asked what a business is worth.  I’ve gotten pretty good at giving you an estimate about how a buyer might look at your business.

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Topics: exit planning, selling, strategic planning

Can We Really Trust Our Mutual Funds?

shareholders.pngA major part of our investment management process is helping clients choose an investment strategy that helps you reach your goals.  I would like to think that mutual funds who you invest your money with would see that part of their job is to make sure executives in companies the funds invest don't over pay their executives.  When your funds don't do this, your returns are unfairly diminished.

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Topics: shareholder agreement, business management, mutual funds

Do You Know What Keeps You From Connecting With Your Customers?

connection.jpgBy connect I mean emotionally connect.  If you’re emotionally connecting your customers don’t see you as authentic.  It might be one of the reasons you have more customer turnover than you want.

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Topics: relationship, Customer Service, customer delight

You Need Clarity In Your Estate Plan

I have a saying I love and my wife hates, “clarity leads to power.”  Not that you’re trying to achieve world domination….well, maybe you are.  Let’s just say I’m not trying to take over the world.  I just want to know if I’m doing the right thing.

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Topics: wealth management, estate planning, creating value

5 Reasons Your P&L Lies To You

I’m amazed at the number of business owners who think the only statement they have to pay attention to is their profit and loss statement.  I’m hoping that you’re not one of them. 

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Topics: Cash Flow, cash flow management, cash flow statement

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