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Discounted Cash Flow Is Evil


I find it amusing when someone tells me about their business buyer using discounted cash flow as a method to value their business. When I hear this, I know there is a very good chance the buyer is going to get a great deal and the acquisition will financially fail.

If you’re curious about my opinion, then you’ll just have to read on.

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What’s Your Red Velvet Rope Policy


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Boomers Are You Ready To Simplify Your Life


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Stop Lying To Yourself - Here’s Why You Won’t Delegate

hope-and-expectation1We all know that growing a business is hard work.  Lots of time you have to go against the grain from what you’ve been taught.  Delegation is certainly one of those activities.  Here’s some statements you might have running around in your brain:

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Want To Retire…..Manage Your Education

want_to_retireI know, you’ve already gone to school and you feel that you’ve had enough. If that’s what you think, then you’re limiting what you can do with the largest asset you have.

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Podcast - Philanthropy And Your Children

Today's podcast features Randy Fox the editor-in-chief of the Planned Giving Center.  Randy has been involved in philanthropic activities for over 20 years.  He's known as one of the thoughtleaders in the philanthropic world.

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Case Study - The Best Way For You To Make Your Life Better

make_life_better-1Sometimes you have a business and you know there’s something wrong, but just can’t place your finger on it.  Then, you look around and notice that every time a particular person walks in the room your stomach gets a little tight and you just don’t feel as well as you did before they walked into the room.

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How to create magic with your big decisions


I like to talk about the concept of why when we’re creating a plan to help you achieve a big outcome.  A big outcome is something that has a really big payoff and usually requires lots of time and effort.

I wish I had a better name for the process and would welcome all suggestions. For the time being, let’s just call it what, why, what, who, how.

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Podcast - Creating The Outrageous Sale

Today's podcat features Kevin Short.  Kevin is the CEO of Clayton Capital Partners, a mergers and acquisition firm based in Saint Louis, Missouri. 

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Pay Attention To Your Spouse’s Gut Feelings….They’re Amazing

pay.jpgHave you ever had the feeling that something is true but you just didn’t know why or even where the thought came from?

Here’s another question for you - have you ever had your spouse say this, “My gut is telling me this just isn’t a very good idea.”

When this happens, what do you do? I hope you take those feelings seriously. Let’s examine why you should.

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