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Is Work/Life Balance A Good Idea?

workI love to question sacred cows. These are statements that “everyone” knows is true. One of those sacred cows is that you should manage your work/life balance….and if you don’t, then you just don’t care about your family.




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Thinking Slow About Investments Trumps Thinking Fast


In the book Thinking Slow and Thinking Fast Daniel Kahneman talks about two parts of our brain.  One makes very fast decisions and works on an emotional level.  The other works much more slowly and is the part that takes facts and figures into account when it comes to decisions making.

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7 Financial Questions You Need To Answer Before leaving Your Business


You've spent a career building a great business. You might have been at it for twenty, thirty or more years. It's now time for you to start thinking about the next stage in your life.

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Boomers - Do You Have Enough For Retirement?


The unfortunate answer I often hear and see is no. My generation just hasn’t done a great job of saving for life after work. All is not lost. If you haven’t saved enough for retirement here are some things that you might want to think about:

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The Surprising Secret Of Having Happy Customers


I know that you want to be a happy customer. When you walk in a store or a professional's office you have a problem you hope that can be solved. Too often the person you're speaking with acts like you know tons about what it is they do. They start to use jargon and have complicated explanations of how they're going to solve your problem. 

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Are You A Curious Specialist


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Avoid The Hazard Of Running Out Of Cash

  out-of-cashI want you to think about cash for a few minutes. I want you to know that it means you need to keep cash on hand so when the inevitable rainy day comes along you don’t run short on cash.

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You Need Win/Win Or No Deal

win-win_or_noway I while read a very interesting blog post from Diane Brogan, mother of Internet star Chris Brogan.  The gist of the post was that someone in a book review had very poorly treated her son from Chris’ most recent book, The Impact Equation

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The Disastrous Results Of Not Saving For Your Retirement

blogrt.jpgWe’re taught that the only good business is a big business.  The truth is that for most business owners they will never have a big business.  I think that for most business owners having the goal of a big business will just move them heartache and heartache.

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5 Ways You’ll Profit From The Phrase Not Yet


I’ve written a lot about the word no. It’s something I think you need to learn to say more in life. When you say no, you’re building time for you to say yes to the right things.

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