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Be Humble, Learn From The Best!

learningI’m lucky.  I’ve had the chance to learn from some of the best minds in the country.  Sometimes I’ve found these people through industry connections, sometimes through classes and sometimes it’s been through books.

How I started my quest.

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Sometimes Done Isn’t Really Done

tasksI have an internet friend, Chris Lema (yes I know that sounds strange for a 61 year old) who has one of my very favorite sayings.  When he finishes a project he wants it to be be done done.  No, this is not a typo.  He really does mean done done.

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6 Ways Of Dealing With No Cash - Wealth Management in VT

cash_flowsThe worst thing that can ever happen in your business is to run out of cash.  Without cash you can’t play the game anymore.  Your suppliers won’t ship, your employees will quit and your competitors will circle like the vultures they are.

You won’t sleep and your life will become miserable.  Unfortunately, there are times in your business life where you’re going to be short on cash.  It seems to be part of the deal. 

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Getting Ready To Retire, Think About A New Career - Retirement Planning in VT

Baby boomers seem to be changing the rules of retirement.  It’s no longer work for 40 years for one company, retire with a gold watch and ride off into the sunset.  You probably had at least three employers in your career.  You might even be doing something completely different than what you were taught in school.

As you get ready for retirement, think about what you can do that will keep your mind occupied.  Work doesn’t have to mean drudgery and I’m hoping that as you approach retirement age you aren’t going to be totally dependent on work to have enough money to live.

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Topics: retirement, life changes, career changes

5 Reasons You Want Your Spouse Involved In Your Business - Burlington, VT Financial Adviser

I spend way too much time trying to get my clients to involve their spouses in important decisions.  I then spend way too much time trying to fix planning problems as a result of not involving a spouse in major conversations.

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Topics: decision making, spouse, business management

3 Things Your Creative Teams Need

SeptemberYour probably getting really sick of reading and hearing about how important innovation is in your business.  You might even wish the world will stop for a while and let you get caught up.  It’s all about new, new, new, and more new.  I bet there are times where you just want to breath and say stop…..

Well, I guess you’ve come to the wrong place today.  We’re not going to talk about stop.  Instead, let’s spend a little time about what makes for great innovation.  Innovation comes from creativity and there are three things I want you to consider.

Do you trust those you’re working with?

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Financial Advisor in VT: Do You Ask For Help?

august_27The United States is the home of the rugged individualist.  Or is it?

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Topics: advisors, trust, second opinions

Investment Management in VT: Who Should Own Stock In Your Company?

august_24I spend a lot of time talking with business owners about the next generation in their business.  If it happens to be a family business we always get into a conversation about which children should own stock.

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Topics: exit planning, selling, stock

Thinking of Investing: Start With A Financial Planner in Burlington VT

financial_planningI’m always amazed when people come and ask me to help them with investment management.  They almost always forget the first part of the equation.  The first step is having a financial plan in place.

Financial planning doesn’t give you a final answer.

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Topics: financial planning, investment management, creating value

Why Customer Service Matters?

customer_serviceI know this isn’t a big surprise.  I’m a huge fan of Apple.  I’ve been a customer since 1978 when I bought my first Apple II.

One of the things that keep me as a customer is their technical support.   They’ve thought through the process of support from their customer’s point of view.  And in the process they’ve decreased their cost.

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