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5 Reasons Hubris Gets In The Way Of Your Business

change-1I find there are two general types of business owners.  The first is a business owner who is sure that everything they do is right.  It’s hard for me to have a conversation with them about change.  Since everything is perfect, there’s no need to question premises they have.

The second is a business owner who I hope is like you.  This business owner is always asking questions.  She is wondering if there is a better way.  He is willing to pivot if and when it becomes possible there is a better way. 

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Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire

mortgage_paymentsIf you own your home it’s probable that you have a mortgage.  How often do you think about paying off the mortgage and being debt free?  If you’re not doing this you might find that reaching retirement will be hard.

Not having a mortgage reduces your overhead.

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Creating A Shareholders Agreement That Works

blog_july_23I’m often asked to help business owners add another owner to the mix in their company.  Sometimes this person has worked in the company for years and sometimes it’s someone from the outside they want to add to the ownership group.  In either case having a shareholders agreement with an exit clause is a crucial part of the transaction.

You never really know who you’re getting.

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Stop Planning Your Life!

In the wealth management world we seem to spend all of our time planning.  We plan for how much money you’ll need.  We plan for how you’re going to send your kids to college.  We even plan for when you can retire.

The problem with all of this planning is that it’s just an idea.  Because we call it a plan you think what we give you is real.  I hate to surprise you it’s not.  A very small change in a return rate can throw your well thought out plan into a tailspin that just might be very difficult to get out of.

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The First Step In Investing Is Knowing What You Want

investIt’s just about impossible to not know that you should be putting money away.  You might want to save for retirement or you might need to have money put away for your child’s education.  You might even just need a rainy day fund to help you get through if an emergency should happen.

Different goals should have different strategies.

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Do You Know What Your Spouses Business Is Worth?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had several spouses visit our site and download reports on selling a business.  I don’t know the reasons why and can only guess it’s because the spouses of business owners are interested in knowing how the business actually fits into their financial security.

Learn about your spouses business.

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What Type Of Person Are You?

One of my favorite books from last year was Give and Take by Adam Grant.  In the book Mr. Grant breaks the world into three groups of people…..givers, takers and matchers.

When I tell people about the three types everyone wants to think of themselves as givers.  In reality most of us are a combination of all three with a tendency towards one trait over the other two.

Most of the world is matchers.
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Where Does Trust Fit Into Change?

Are any of these things happening your life?  You might be getting to retire.  You might be getting ready to sell your business.  Maybe you’re in the middle of a divorce or your might have just lost a loved one.

You get the idea, change is part of life and when change happens you’ll need to have people you trust.  Trust is something you need to take very seriously.  Here are some things you might want to think about as you evaluate who to bring into your circle during a time of change.

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6 Reason You Need To Delegate

Well, do you?  If not, why not?  Here’s something that you might think about. You don’t delegate because you don’t trust your people.

Before you start saying, “that’s not me” ask yourself whether there might be just a little bit of truth there.  After all, if you delegate and it gets screwed up it could cost you a customer or some real money.

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Small Choices Are Better Than Big Ones

small_decisionsI spend a lot of time helping people make choices about their life.  Sometimes it’s around their business and sometimes it’s what they should do personally.  In both cases if you can keep the choices small it’s much easier to manage.

Stay way from sunk costs.

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