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Why I Don't Use Actively Managed Mutual Funds

Today's video is going to cover why I don't like actively managed mutual funds and you shouldn't either.  After you watch this video, why don't you let me know what you think in the comments section below?

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Habits Are Hard To Change

Habits Are Hard To Change.jpgI bet you’ve had a time in your life where you wish that you did things in a different way.  You tried to make a change, but you found that you just couldn’t.  There was this annoying thing that got in your way.  That annoying thing……..it’s called a habit.

Too often you just give up when you figure it’s a habit getting in the way.  Instead why don’t you try some of the following to see if you can change what you do.

My fight with quitting cigarette smoking.

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One Of The Most Ridiculous Articles I've Seen In A While


One of the more ridiculous articles I've read in a long time comes from wealth mangemgent.com.  It talks about the reason that its time for us to consider active management of mutual funds again.

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Do You Want Adult Children Or Do We Want Children Who Are Adults?

Do You Want Children.pngHere's a question for you, do you want to have your children act like adults or continue to act like children? I'm going to bet that you want your kids to act like adults.

 If that's true for you, then read on.

 What sort of expectations do you have for your children?

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You Always Have To Pay Yourself First

investment_G19mSIvd.jpgIf you ever want to retire, you must think about how you're going to save for retirement.  Here's some articles for around the web we found that are important as you think about ever being able to retire.

The problem you're probably facing is retirement is a long way off.  If you think that's true, think again.  I've seen far too many people, hopefully not like you who think they have plenty of time.  You're going to find that twenty and even thirty years goes by like a blink in time.  Really, you need to think about retiring today even though your retirement is thirty or forty years in the future.

Read the following two articles.  I think you'll find some good advice in both.

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Without Trust Nothing Happens

One of the challneges that happens in every advisory relationship is how trust either shows or doesn't show.  Watch this video to find out what we think about this issue and how you can build trust with your advisors.

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Key Tax And Government Numbers 2017

Want to find out the key numbers that will affect your finances for the coming year. Click here and download our Free report on key numbers for the coming year.

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7 Investment Disasters and What You Can Do To Avoid Them

7 Investment Disasters And What You Can Do to Avoid Them.png

The main reason you want to hire an investment/wealth manager is to help you avoid investment disasters, if possible.  If you look at the research firm Dalbar, you’ll see that too many investors make the same mistakes and as a result, get a return that’s much less than the market.

Here’s a list of 7 that you should think about.

You think what happened yesterday will happen tomorrow.

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6 Reasons You Need Client Facing Planning

6 Reasons You Need Client Facing Planning.png

Your first question might be what the heck is client facing planning?  We’ll get to that in a few minutes.  Just be aware it’s something you should be interested in. 

Why you might ask?  Because it puts you at the center of the planning engagement.  Too often people like you might be convinced to do a financial plan, then you turn over your information over to a financial planner and wait for your financial guru to tell you what you need to do. 

The problem with this is you are giving up your power and waiting for an “expert” to tell you what to do.  I don’t want you to do this and here are 6 reasons why. 

First, what is client facing planning?

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4 Reasons You Must Do Scenario Planning - Video

We often think of scenario planning to be something that only businesses do.  Why don't you watch this five minute video and learn why scenario planning is just as important for individuals as it is for businesses?

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