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Collaboration Always Starts With Clients

CollaborationI’m involved in a group that regularly discusses collaboration.  The discussion ranges from what collaboration is, how you get it and what keeps it from happening in the first place.

My belief is that collaboration only happens when the client wants it to happen.  In our firm we believe that the client is in charge of the relationship and the first person we want to collaborate with is the client.

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Topics: business relationship management, cost decisions, client collaboration, sudden money

10 Reasons We Like Change

changeThat’s right, we like change.  Without change many of us would be out of a job or a business.  The world changes and we need to learn to change along with it….not to far in front, but enough that we can take advantage of new things as they come down the pike.

Change is often seen as a problem.  It always requires us to do things a little bit differently and often causes some inconvenience.  It’s the inconvenience or un-comfortableness that often keeps from making the changes we need to make.

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Topics: starting a business, business exit planning, leaving your business, financial services, Change, better jobs

Perma-Five…..Why You Just Might Be Stuck

 billboard stuck 1116867iI’ve been a fan of the phrase perma-five for over thirty years.  The term started as one where a business owner is stuck.  Now, when I use it the term it’s usually around business owners not willing or able to think an exit from their business.

When you have a permanent five year plan on the same topic you are in perma-five.  Unless you take specific actions around this issue, you will likely stay in this state for a very long time.  The world might change and you could be rescued, but changes will likely come only if and when you change what you’re doing.

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Topics: retirement planning, retirement, financial planning, exit planning, business exit planning, leaving your business, perma-five

4 Reasons You Need Specialists And Generalists In Your Life

search engine optimization specialists.22a img1.best seo companyI’ve been thinking about all of the areas I have a reasonable amount of knowledge in.  When I go through this list I realize that I’m really more a generalists than a specialist.  I have a strong working knowledge in literally everything a private business owner is likely to experience during their life.

My knowledge in some of these areas is very deep.  In others it’s broad and I’ve learned where to turn for help when my clients want to work in these areas.  Its important to know where I have strong competence and where another specialist can provide a better outcome than I.

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Topics: business relationship management, specialists, collaboration with clients, certified financial planner, certified public accountant, professional relationships

Blame The System, Not The Employee – Enterprise Value


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Topics: systems, enterprise value, learning experiences

Do We Really Have A Credit Crisis? – Enterprise Value

credit card finance2If you believe everything you read in the media no one is getting bank loans and private business owners are not getting any credit.  The small circle that I associate with has shown me the opposite is true. 

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Topics: for business owners, enterprise value, private business owners, loans, credit crisis, financial education

Stop Thinking About Selling Your Practice

questions(1)Not all wealth management firms, but most of them should stop this silly behavior.  Let’s face it, a sale where you only get 30% down and have to either hold paper or have an earn out for the rest is really not a sale.  Or, at least in my opinion it’s not a sale.

There is a much better strategy for an eventual exit from your business.  (And, all people will eventually leave their business.)  This strategy is what I call a slow liquidation.  This liquidation could take years to accomplish, but it’s a better strategy than selling for 30% down.

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Topics: retirement planning, retirement, business exit planning, liquidation, selling, niche management, niche

All Engagements Can Be Collaborative


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Topics: business relationship management, advisors, cost effective, collaboration

Why The Business Owner Trusted Advisor Isn’t Who You Think It Is

the right advisor

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Topics: value creation, business relationship management, for advisors, collaboration

What Is Strategic Marketing And Why Should You Care?

marketing strategyI often talk about strategic marketing.  When I first start the conversation many people will ask what the relevance is for their company and themselves.  This is a good question and one worth taking a few minutes to talk about.

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Topics: clone customers, demographic profile, profitability, strategic marketing, niche management, niche

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