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5 Things To Do To Really P... Off Your Customers

Posted by Josh Patrick

key performance indicatorsI’ve had a stretch of dealing with some of the worst Customer service organizations in the world.  There are some companies out there who go out of their way to make their Customer’s experience with them absolutely miserable.

As we’re heading into the busiest shopping season of the year I thought I would list a few of the issues that are really annoying.

  1. Don’t back up the product you’re selling.  It’s incredible annoying to purchase a product, have it not work for the umpteenth time and then have to pay a $50 fee for shipping to return it.
  2. Have your call center where no one speaks English well and can’t work on complex problems.  In today’s world, simple issues are often taken care of on the Internet.  When you have to call the call center, it’s because the issue is complicated and can’t be solved on the web.  Having a call center where people aren’t flexible and help the Customer solve their problem just doesn’t make any sense.
  3. Take three calls to change service with a company.  Going through a voice mail system is annoying.  To have to call three times on the same change and not have the change made is more than frustrating.  When service changes are requested, make the change correctly the first time.
  4. Have your web site absolutely not work correctly.  If you have a function for changing service on your website, make sure the functionality works.  Taking three years to correct a website deficiency doesn’t make one feel warm and fuzzy towards a company.
  5. Don’t think about your actions on your Customers.  The truly bad service companies never seem to give any thought about their service and rules on their Customers.  Treating your Customers like thieves who are trying to rip you off is not a good thing to do.  It only makes them look for others to do business with.

It seems that all the companies I have to deal with who are amount the worst Customer service ones all have the five problems listed above.  What are your feelings about companies that just plainly provide terrible service?

Josh Patrick

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