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Some Great Summer Business Reads

Posted by Josh Patrick

Summer ReadingIt’s summer time and we often want to take time off from serious reading and just hang out and relax.  I thought that a few good books that have stories as well as a message might be a good idea.

I’ve recently run across a few good books that I think you might enjoy.  All four of these books are on my highly suggested reading list.  They are a little less serious than many of the business books I read.  At the same time, their message is important.  Let me know what you think if you decide to read any of them.

The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt

This books talks about the theory of constraints and how to measure business processes to improve productivity and throughput in your business.  Although this book is written for manufacturing companies, it also is applicable to many processes that exist in service companies.  In fact, if service companies adopted much of what Goldratt talks about they would have a more salable company.

The Radical Leap by Steve Farber

I’ve liked Steve Farber’s writing for years.  This is a short book about how to become a better leader and what specific actions that better leader might take.  I highly suggest this and all of Steve’s other books.  They all are written in the mode of an elder teaching a younger person how to be successful in business and life.  (And, we all know how much I love the concept of the Elder)

Every Family’s Business by Tom Deans

I’ve recently become aware of Tom and his theory on what should happen with the disposition of a family business.  In this book we learn about two methods of family business transfer.  One method is through what I would call a rational method and the other is through gifting.  We get to see what the results are with the different methods.  I think this helps us develop a set of best practices for our own family businesses.

Built to Sell by John Warrillow

This book is another one that has a great message.  John talks about what it takes to build a business from a lifestyle business where the owner is involved in everything to one that is salable.  There are many different actions in this book that I call moving down the road towards passive ownership.  I believe this is a great primer for how to become operationally irrelevant in your business and should be a must read for all business owners (especially those with service businesses) who want to eventually sell their businesses.

I’m curious about what you’re reading this summer.  If you want to share with me, please do so.

Josh Patrick

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