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4 Lessons My Wife Taught Me

Posted by Josh Patrick

SuzanneThis entry could easily devolve into the absurd with wife jokes.  Instead I want to talk about real lessons and important things I’ve learned from my wife.

On the surface you couldn’t find two people who are more different.  I’m sure there are many people who ask themselves what do these two people see in each other.  I do agree, on the surface there are some differences.  In worldview, where it counts, we are very aligned.

I have a deep appreciation for who Suzanne is and what she does.  In reality I could write a blog entry that would go way past my normal five hundred words so I’ll just write about four things that have impacted my life through lessons Suzanne has taught.

I’ve learned that unconditional love is a wonderful trait.  Suzanne is able to exhibit unconditional love towards our children.  I marvel at the way she can look at their foibles and have them just fall off her shoulders.  Her patience with them is something I admire.

Frugality means finding alternate ways to getting to an outcome.  Suzanne is the frugal one in our family.  She always seems to find ways to make our money go a little farther and get us more value.  Not in the way she negotiates, but in the way she views money and how she works with it.

We all have our money history and hers allows us to have things that are important and add a huge amount of value and satisfaction to our lives.  Some of her frugality comes from things she enjoys like building beautiful gardens herself and some comes from the way she sees the world.

Thoroughness and excellence is a must.  Suzanne has been working in community theatre groups around Burlington since she moved there in 1976.  Every time she takes on a project it’s done with a level of thoroughness that always means an excellent outcome.

She might work in an unorthodox manner in what she does.  At the same time she makes sure that whatever she’s working on is done to the highest level.  Her follow through is something others can learn a lot from.

Making a sense of home.  Our home is one of the warmest places I’ve ever been.  It’s not just the physical layout of the house, but what’s been done on the inside and the attitude of Suzanne. 

A home is just not a place; it’s a construct as well.  Our home is comfortable…a cottage in the summer and a ski lodge in the winter.  It’s not that Suzanne changes the house around, it’s her attitude towards our home that makes it special.

My wife is an extraordinary person.  I’m lucky to have her agree to spend our lives together.  What are your experiences with your significant other?

Josh Patrick

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