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Mind Maps And The Client Experience

Posted by Josh Patrick

Mind MapsSeveral years ago Joe Pine and James Gilmore wrote a book called The Experience Economy.  In this book they talked about making customer interactions with your firm or company an experience they would remember.  I’ve recently developed a mind map that shows our client experience and what those clients can expect from us.  I thought it might be interested to review why we think the different areas in our mind map are important.

You can download our mind map by clicking on the link at the bottom of this entry.

We have seven areas that we cover in our mind map.  They are:

Setting Expectations – We want to make sure our clients understand that we expect them to stay in control of their planning process.  We also want them to understand the as we work together we document the work we do using mind maps.

Discovery process – We will spend either one or two meetings discussing what our clients want.  From this process we produce a mind map that shows our understanding of what discovery means and clients will sign off on this process.

Service delivery – We are very specific about how we deliver the service we offer, how meetings are structured and what a client can expect if a mistake is made.

Helping to make your life better – This is our corporate purpose.  We want clients to know this what they can expect us to help them do.  We also want clients to know this process is done from their point of view.

Services – We want clients to know that we believe starting with a consulting engagement is our preferred method of working with clients.  We think understanding client needs is the best place for us to start a client engagement.

Subject matter expertise – We have certain areas of expertise that we’re very proud of.  We also understand that there will be areas we talk about but are not experts at.  It’s important for our clients to understand what we believe we have skills in and what we might have to use outside help for.

Client environment – We believe clients need to stay in control of their engagement.  For this reason we encourage clients to also set the type of physical environment that makes the most comfortable.

Communication – We have a belief that we need to treat all clients with respect.  One of the best ways we can show this is to communicate on a timely basis.  We think this is important for clients to understand.

Have you spent much time thinking about the client experience in your company?  If you were to make a mind map of this experience, what would it look like?

Josh Patrick

To get your copy of our client experience mind map, please click on the button below.  You’ll be taken to our sign up page to receive our client experience mind map.


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