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4 Things I Appreciate About My Sister

Posted by Josh Patrick

nan patrickI’m very lucky.  My sister and I have been best friends for as long as I remember.  I’m not sure how it happened as in many respects were very different.  She’s outgoing and social and I’m more than a little introverted and would just assume read a book.   She did very well in school and I wasn’t what you would call a star high school pupil.

I find that it’s often people who have skill sets that you don’t that you learn the most from.  Here are some of the things that I’ve learned along the way from my sister:

Be persistent when you want something.  Nancy or Nan as the world knows her has always been great at going after the things she wants.  I’m not sure that she understands what the word no means. 

Being persistent is one of the things that has made her a great product salesperson.  After all you don’t get to be in the top fifty at Mary Kay unless you know how to keep asking for the order.

Tell people what you think, but do it in a nice way.  One of the things Nancy is great at is giving people honest feedback.  When she had her clothing store she would tell people nicely that the clothes they had on didn’t fit them.  Today she does this with makeup.

When people know that you’re going to give them honest feedback, they tend to trust what you say.  Honesty and trust go hand in hand.

Be clear about what you’re going to do or not.  Nancy has this great saying, “I’m not on that committee.”  You know where you stand with her and you don’t have to go out of your way to figure out where she stands.

When asking my sister to participate in something it’s pretty easy to know the answer….she’ll tell you.  I don’t have to wonder what she means.  I personally appreciate this as it saves both of us a lot of time.

When you set out to do something, complete it.  Nancy is very goal oriented.  If she needs to make twenty phone calls in a day, she does it.  If she hasn’t gotten her list out of the way, she’ll stay at the list until it’s done.

I find what I call bright shiny objects sidetracks me.  This rarely if ever happens with Nancy.  She starts a job and stays with it until it’s done.  My effectiveness would dramatically increase if I could figure out a way to do this.

What are the lessons you’ve learned from your siblings?  Do you find they look at the world much differently than you?  If so, please email me at Jpatrick@stage2planning.com or click here to set a time to talk with me.

Josh Patrick

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