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5 Lessons From Murphy And Oscar - Dogs

Posted by Josh Patrick

Murphy and OscarHi, my name is Murphy and mine is Oscar.  Dad has decided to let us make this week’s blog entry on lessons learned.  We’re not the smartest animals in the kingdom, but there are certain things we know.

We know that biscuits are wonderful, naps are good, pets are even better and everyone who comes to visit is really coming to visit us.  We also haven’t learned English very well, but we’re trying.

Here are some lessons that we’ve taught Dad and Mom:

Pets are the best things in the world.  We love pets from any human that happens to be around.  Mom and Dad are around more than anyone, so they get to pet us a lot.  We like it when Mom and Dad hug, it just makes us feel good.  We bet it makes you also feel good. 

Lesson learned:  you should pet each other more.  Hugs are good, but pets are the best…at least for dogs.

Naps rock.  We can nap at the drop of the hat.  We’re never bored, we just nap.  We’re never sleep deprived and we are ready for fun at all times.  This is because Mom and Dad give us plenty of opportunities for naps.

Lesson learned:  humans need to take more naps, especially on the bed so we can help.

Clean up after yourself.  We love it when Mom and Dad or for that matter, anyone leaves things on the counter and then leave the house.  It’s an invitation for us to climb up and help ourselves.  Last week our sister left some cheese on the counter….yummmmee, what a treat.

Lesson Learned:  Putting things away lets you keep your treats.  When things aren’t put away we get a free treat.

Everyone wants to love us.  Yup, that’s right.  We’re so lovable that anyone who sees us is obviously going to fall in love with us right away.  We know that when visitors come, it’s our job to greet them and get the love thing started.

Lesson learned:  Humans need to think the best about other humans.  After all humans real purpose in life is to pet dogs….and, we like that.

Show appreciation when humans do nice things.  We love our biskies….And, when our human friends give us some, we wag our tails, look adoringly at them and ask for more treats.  If we do it correctly, we get more treats and we show more appreciation.  It’s the circle of treats and appreciation that make our day wonderful.

Lesson Learned:  When treats come your way, show appreciation.  Or, when treats don’t come your way, wag your tail….maybe you’ll get some treats.

Thanks for letting us tell you the lessons Mom and Dad have learned.  We’re going to keep teaching and someday they’ll understand that our proper place really is on the bed….especially at night.

Murhpy and Oscar, Dogs.

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