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Tactical Excellence Before Strategic Concentration - enterprise value

Posted by Josh Patrick

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I’ve recently run across a problem I’ve never encountered, or at least never thought about.  That is having a business work on strategic issues before they’ve become tactically excellent.

In today’s business environment, a successful business has to be tactically excellent….at least they do if they’re thinking about having a customer base who comes back again and again with repeat business.  Unless your business provides excellent service and is tactically together, it’s hard for your customers to recommend you to others and use your business again for their own purposes.

One of the things we know is that keeping a present customer happy is much less expensive than trying to obtain a new customer.  It only makes sense that making sure your business is exceeding the expectations of your present customer base should be your first priority…..And, that often means providing service that is flawless.

I recently tried to do business with a company that prides itself on being an expert at creating referrals and teaching others how to do the same.  The problem with this particular company is that their service was so abysmal there is no way in the world that I would ever recommend someone to this particular company.  In fact, I would likely recommend that potential customers never even get close to this company.

This company didn’t even do the basics.  They never returned phone calls I made and only returned emails after I sent three of them.  Then, when the service they promised didn’t work out, they just let me go.  I’m now deciding whether I want to “flame” this company as being one that can’t walk their talk.

This is an example of a company who thinks they are strategically getting new clients, but have forgotten that for their strategic message to get through they have to do the basics well.

My question is do you spend time testing your tactical systems?  Are you following through on the basic promises you make your customers and clients?  If you’re not, you might be putting your business at risk.

Josh Patrick

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