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Why Perturbation Is Good For You – Enterprise Value

Posted by Josh Patrick

changes ahead resized 600 Perturbation is when something is being bombarded with information or matter and comes out in a different form.  In humans perturbation often is accompanied by challenges or problems that seem to be too much too bear.

From perturbation will come change.  This is where much of our dislike of change starts.  Change often comes from a place of being uncomfortable.  Humans tend to not like being uncomfortable and as a result they don’t like change either.

The good news is about change is that it often is for the better.  I have to say the vast majority of the changes that I’ve gone through have been for the better.  Even when the things that happened before the change were very painful.  And, I would have never made the changes if stressors that made life uncomfortable for a while didn’t surround me.

Stressors are gifts in disguise.  As your being bombarded with stuff you should ask yourself (even though it’s very hard to do so) what did I learn and what good came from this?  The best news that we can have when things are not going well is that we can learn something.  These learning experiences are building blocks for making us wiser.

Wisdom doesn’t come from doing it right.  Wisdom takes time to develop.  I believe this is because wisdom is a perturbated activity.  Having wisdom about a particular topic often means that you’ve lived through an issue under extreme stress.  From this stress has grown wisdom that you can use in your personal life as well as pass on to others.

From the chaos of perturbation order will emerge.  Ilya Prigogene wrote a book about creating order from chaos.  It’s part of our natural system.  When we evolve it’s because a physical system comes under tremendous stress.  If the stress doesn’t kill us, we evolve into a higher plane.

This is where wisdom comes from.  Those who have lived a long life have often had several times in their life where it felt like things were falling apart.  Eventually, order emerged after much chaos and pain.  When order has re-appeared those who have lived through the process often gain a significant amount of wisdom

For those who have made this passage what is the wisdom that you would like to share with others?  For those who are still striving to learn where and how do you find those with wisdom to learn from?

Josh Patrick

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