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Are You Ambivalent About Change?

Posted by Josh Patrick

ambivalence resized 600 It seems that most of us are at least ambivalent about change.  Change makes us uncomfortable.  Under the best of circumstances we don’t want to go through the change process even when we agree that change would be in our best interest.

I’ve always been amazed that people keep doing the same thing even when provided with massive empirical evidence that what they’re doing doesn’t serve them.  I can certainly understand it but looking at those people from the outside is different than looking at the same issue from the inside.

We’ve all had the experience where we look at others and say, “why don’t they change what they’re doing?”  Under the same circumstances we often would do the exact same thing. 

It’s just we perceive change as being difficult.  I don’t think the actual change is difficult but taking action to change is. 

Change is inconvenient.  It makes us get out of our “ruts”.  It forces us to do things in a different way which makes us think about the world in a different manner.

It appears to me that most change is forced change.  Circumstances change; money changes or someone else makes you change. 

A company closes down, your spouse files for divorce, you win the lottery, or you gain an inheritance.  All are external actions that force change.  When these things happen we resent making changes.  We’re not in control. 

The funny thing is that in most change we can be in control.  We just haven’t bothered to be proactive about changes that we saw coming our way.  I believe it’s about ambivalence.  We just don’t want to deal with it and instead take a wait and see attitude.

In my own life I’ve had changes happen to me and I’ve been proactive taking change.  I can tell you that I’ve enjoyed the proactive changes and have not always enjoyed when change happens to me.

When we start feeling ambivalent about something it might just be a sign that we should examine our life.  I bet that if you do a little examination you’re going to find that there is a change waiting to happen. 

So, instead of waiting, why don’t you beat the ambivalence out of you and make the change first?

Josh Patrick

We have a workbook we would like you to get.  It’s called The What If Considerations workbook.  You will go through some exercises around change and actions you might want to take.  To get this workbook, please click here on this link. 

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