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Stage 2 and The Objective Review

Posted by Josh Patrick

Objective Review
Business owners often ask us what is the process we use when we start a planning engagement.  We’ve developed a process we call The Objective Review.   The Objective Review is designed to a business owner achieve the following outcomes:


  • Inventory three major parts of your business and personal life.  The three areas are:
    • Understanding and evaluating the enterprise value of your business.
    • Understanding personal planning opportunities.
    • Examining transitional planning opportunities you may have.
    • From the inventory you will decide on one or two areas that you would like to improve.
    • You choose strategies that could help you plan specific actions that positively affect the one or two areas you choose.
    • You will have an opportunity to work closely with us and decide if we are the type of firm who can help you add significant value in both your business and personal life.


What is involved in doing an objective review?

The Objective Review usually takes between 1.5 and 2 days of face-to-face time to complete the inventory of key areas in your business and life.  After completing the interview process you will decide what are the one or two areas that you would like to concentrate on and develop strategies for improvement.

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You can have either an outline or mind map or both that reviews the entire objective review conversation as well as expanding on the one or two strategic concentration areas.  At the end of the process you will know whether you choose to continue working with yourself or collaborate with Josh on developing and implementing plans for the projects you choose.

What is the process of doing the interview?

The interview is based on three questions:


  • What do we want to accomplish if anything in a particular area?
  • Why is it important that you do so?
  • How will you gain improvement on a project we want to tackle?


You are the expert on what and why you want to do something.  The initial part of the Objective Review only deals with what and why.  We will review at least 19 strategic areas of your business and personal life.  During this initial review we will only deal with the question of what and why.  Our role in this part of the process is to mostly ask questions.

The deliverable that comes from the initial review is an outline, a mind map, or both of results of our conversations about the various areas of wealth management.  From this outline you will choose one or two strategic areas you would like to see a result produced.

Producing a result

Once we have completed the initial conversation (taking 12 to 16 hours) you will choose one or two areas you would like to concentrate on.  Once the one or two strategic areas are chosen we start to work on how changes will be accomplished.

When we start working on how improvement will be made we work on a collaborative basis with you.  We find that collaboration often ends with a result that is far better than if working alone.

The deliverable that comes from this part of the process is again a mind map, an outline, or both of steps that need to be taken to achieve a result in a project area.  Once you have this deliverable you can then decide whether to move forward on your own or by working with us.

If you decide to move forward working with us you would then enter a wealth management relationship where fees would be negotiated based on a small percentage of your net worth.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Objective Review contact Josh Patrick at Jpatrick@stage2planning.com

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