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Are You Curious About The World Around You? – Wealth Management

Posted by Josh Patrick

Changes I’m always interested when I find people who are resistant to change, which is almost everyone I know.  Change is a natural force in our world.  We go through changes and we all know after we become conscious that change is a normal and expected event.

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If this is true, then why is it people are resistant to change?  What if we decided to be curious about our world and were willing to deconstruct what we thought was normal on a regular basis?  How would our world change and would it change for the better?

A major part of being open to change is being curious.  I find that when I learn about something new it’s less scary than if I know nothing.  The more I know about a new thing, the more open I’m going to be about giving it a try.

I find that when I dive into learning something new, I often find a lot that’s familiar.  Because much is familiar, I’m often willing to take a chance where I might not be if I wasn’t curious and hadn’t learned anything about a new strategy, or method of doing something, or even a new stage in my life.

Being curious means asking questions.  You don’t have to ask others questions, just ask yourself this question, “what would happen if”. 

I believe this question is the most powerful question you can ask.  It opens up a new world, one where change becomes your friend and one where a better tomorrow is always possible.  I find that those who don’t ask questions of themselves find they are stuck and believe little is possible in their life.

Successful people are always asking questions and always learning.  Continuous learning is a buzzword that is often used in corporate settings.  It’s one of the few buzzwords that I really like.  I do believe that it’s important for us to continue to learn for our entire life.

I see people in their 80’s and 90’s who are curious about life.  They seem to want to learn new things and as a result the quality of their life is a good one.  It often seems that those who stop being curious also slowly start folding up and calling it quits. 

Don’t be one of those who calls it quits, be one who lives and thrives for a long time.  If you’re curious about life, the changes in your life won’t be nearly as scary as if you don’t learn what’s next.  Sometimes the what’s next can be a most enjoyable part of your journey.

Josh Patrick

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