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Do You Think About The Past Or The Future? – Wealth Management

Posted by Josh Patrick

Change Or, do you just think about the present?  I think the following is true:

  • We learn from the past – we can’t change what has happened in the past.
  • We live in the present – When we live in the past or future, we miss life.
  • We can change the future – When the opportunity arises (and it always arises) we can change what we do and think in the future.

Successful people tend to be forward thinking.  They look at what can be and then move towards that reality.  When one lives in the past it’s difficult to be successful.  We’re spending too much time thinking about what has happened and why it’s been unfair.

Things aren’t good or bad, they just are.  The things that happen to us aren’t either good or bad.  It’s how we think and act about the things that happen that make our life different. 

History is history.  It’s a good thing to learn from, but a terrible thing to direct our actions in the future.  Yes, we don’t want to continue doing things that are unproductive, but at the same time we don’t want to let a bad experience keep us from trying again.  Often it’s the bad experiences that help us do it better the second time around.

We’ve all heard stories about fantastically successful people who had serious setbacks along the road.  For those who manage to turn “lemons into lemonade” they took those setbacks and said “what did I learn?”  The next time, they took that historical information and used it as part of their knowledge base to move forward.

It really is how we think about things.  Our mind is an incredibly powerful tool.  We can use it to move forward or not, the choice is ours.  Change is often a scary place for many.  For those who are truly successful not having change is a scary place.  Successful people understand that change is normal and for us to not be left behind we must embrace change and move with it, not fight it.

Some people focus on what they don’t want and others focus on what they do want.  Whatever you focus on is what you get.  This doesn’t mean that just thinking about what you want will get you there.  You must also take action.

If you don’t learn to focus on what you want, you’ll never get around to taking actions that will move you forward.  Building a business is always about moving forward.  You need to know where you want to go and how you want to get there. 

Make sure you don’t forget about why, it’s the magic sauce in everything we do.  Without a why it’s really hard to move forward and get a crowd to follow you.

Josh Patrick

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