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Leading With Integrity, Authenticity, and Respect – Wealth Management

Posted by Josh Patrick

Integrity Conversation Heart I often think about what makes for a great relationship both in business and in our personal lives.  How we present ourselves and how we expect others to present themselves is what makes relationships work and not work.

The first step is starting with respect.  If we don’t respect those we have relationships with it’s hard for us to feel safe and trust others.  Trust is an important factor in anything we do.  Starting with respect is the first building block of trust.

Respect is something that’s earned.  Our actions either build or tear down trust.  We must act within a certain real of authenticity and with integrity if we’re to respect ourselves.

Authenticity is where we learn to be real.  Too often I see people who seem to be fake.  I find that when someone is authentic it’s easy for me to believe they are what and who they say they are. 

Part of being authentic is when someone is congruent with both their actions and words.  When one is congruent it becomes easy to trust what they say and not have to worry whether I’m being taken advantage of.

Integrity is what it’s all about.  When you tell the truth and are authentic you will be seen as having integrity.  Integrity for me is about fairness.  This means that we are fair to both others and ourselves in dealings we have.

We all have conflicts of interest in our lives.  Integrity is what allow us to ask ourselves what are the conflicts and how do we manage them.  When you manage conflicts well you will be trusted by those who are around you.

Those who show all three traits are people I’m comfortable doing business with.  I believe that always think about fairness and trust when dealing with others.  In my experience fairness and trust often flow from those who lead with integrity, authenticity, and trust.

Josh Patrick

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