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Creating Value Means Asking More Of Ourselves

Posted by Josh Patrick

creating value takes effortCreating value is hard work.  I believe that’s why most of the time we don’t create value. Instead we keep what we have going for as long as we can.  I believe that we’ve now come to an inflection point in America.  Many of us act as if creating value is an activity for someone else.  I keep asking if this is just my observation or if we as a country have this problem?

This is not an idle question.  It’s one that I believe has a huge impact on who we are and the quality of life that we’ll be able to afford in the very near future.

Our public institutions are in shambles.  Almost every governmental agency doesn’t have the funds to provide its mission.  Many Americans have been sliding backwards on the economic ladder.  We all want to blame someone else for our life not working out the way we want it to.

We’ve been moving down this slippery path for at least the last thirty years.  We’ve decided that replacing savings with debt was a good idea.  We’ve made it so no one loses and everyone gets a ribbon just for participating.  We’ve made it OK that a large portion of our population ends up in jail.  We have 1% of our population involved in fighting our wars while the rest of us just sit by and watch.

We all know about the debt crisis we’re facing.  This is the result of not creating excess value.  Excess value is the kernel of enterprise value.  There is no enterprise value unless the institutions and businesses in our society create more than they consume.

Creating more than you use also includes intellectual capital stock.  The world is moving quickly.  How many of us keep our skills current?  How many of us have become life-long learners?

What this all comes down to is we just aren’t asking enough of ourselves.  It starts with looking in the mirror.  We can’t afford to wait for the other guy anymore.  In fact, the other guy is now us.

The only way we’re going to move forward is to take personal responsibility for what’s happening in our country.  We don’t have the option to sit back and live off the store of enterprise value we’ve built.  That store has been used and the rest of the world is hungrier.  They’re willing to work harder and expect more.

What are you going to do?  Are you willing to watch the American Dream disappear or will you ask more of yourself and those around you?  If we don’t it’s going to be more and more difficult to re-build our capital stock of enterprise value.

Josh Patrick

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