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It’s Not The Invention, It’s The Inventor – Creating Value

Posted by Josh Patrick

InnovationWe all need to be innovative in our companies.  Bringing new products to market is often the lifeblood for any business.

One of the questions I often ask is how will I find the innovations and new products that I need?  Or when I’m working with a client how will my client continue to innovate so they can stay ahead of the curve in their industry?

I’ve come to the conclusion that when looking for innovations and new ideas for my company it’s much more important to find people who know how to invent than any invention they may have come up with.  Although we would all like to have our own Jonny Ivey’s (the innovative genius who’s credited for many of Apple’s breakthrough products) we really need to have people who understand and can implement new ideas on a regular basis.

As the saying goes, “if I give you a fish you can eat for a day.  If I teach you to fish you can eat for a lifetime”.  This is also true with coming up with innovations in your company.  When you have people who understand and can implement the process of bringing the new to fruition, you have a way to continually renew what makes your company special and unique.

What I’ve learned is that people who are great at inventing or changing things have a process they use.  We can be trained on the process, but like any skill great innovators have spent a huge amount of time honing their skills. 

Anyone can be innovative, but not everyone has put the effort into learning the skills an innovator uses.  Doug Hall of Eureka ranch has put together a total system for inventing and implementing an innovative process. 

One can look at this system and say I want to do this.  The question they will have to ask themselves is am I ready to spend the time and effort to become minimally competent at being innovative?  Or should I try to attract people to my company who have already learned the skill and can help lead us towards new products, services, and operational methods we need for success?

I vote for hiring people who already are good at innovation and have a proven track record.  You may find you move more quickly with less effort.

Josh Patrick

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