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We All Need Great People In Our Company

Posted by Josh Patrick

makings of a great team resized 600We often think about what’s wrong with our people and complain about how our people don’t do what we want.  I have a problem with this activity for two reasons: First, we’re concentrating on what we don’t want instead of what we do want.  Second, we aren’t thinking specifically about the traits of people who will be successful in our company.

Being specific about the right person is an important step in making sure we have the capacity to have a great company.  If we have people who don’t fit in with our company we need to re-think how we hire people that we invite to join us in creating a company that is truly excellent.

I’ve become a big fan of Gino Wickman.  He has some interesting ways of looking at various parts of running a great business.  One of the things he’s been very articulate about is understanding the type of people you need in your company for success.  He’s identified three things to think about for identifying great employees.

Get it.  This means your people “get it”.  A person who is in this state understands what their role is in your company.  They have a clear understanding of the culture, systems, and how their job comes together.

When a person gets it they have been screened properly and trained well.  They have a natural bent to be excited about what you do in your company and find it easy to get behind your mission (You do have a clear mission don’t you?).  This person is easy to work with because you’re not spending time explaining what they should be doing.  This is because they just get it.

Want it.  Someone who wants it is excited about being at your company.  They enjoy their job and understand how they fit into your company.  People who want it are motivated from the inside.  They don’t need or want external motivation.  What they do want is for you to set a tone and an atmosphere for them to do their best work.

Someone who wants to be with you won’t need gimmicks to help keep them motivated.  They will find satisfaction with what your company expects and because you treat your people with respect and appreciation they will reciprocate with both their co-workers and your customers.

Capacity to do it.  This third trait is having the time, training, and natural ability to do the job.  We have to give people we work with enough time to do their job properly.  We also have to have people who have the time and energy to do their job.

If someone is having personal problems they likely are not going to have the time capacity to do a job that takes 50 hours per week.  If we can’t find a way to offload some of their work we could lose a good person that’s having some personal problems.  If the job requires a certain level of mental work and our employee doesn’t measure up they’ll never be successful in their job.

Our goal is to have our people be able to do a great job.  We need to list all of the things a great employee has to be able to do for each job we have.  Most of our lists will be in the area of being willing and able to do the job.  Technical training for many jobs can be done once the person comes on board.

The question is do you spend time thinking about what makes a great employee?  If not you might want to spend a few minutes writing down what a great team member looks like.  You just might find it easier to find that person when they show up.

I’ve put together a special report on hiring for unique abilities.  Besides the traits listed above this special report helps you design a strategy for getting the right person who is likely to fit your needs.  Click on the button below to get this special report.


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