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Are You Ready To Take The Radical Leap?

Posted by Josh Patrick

comfort zoneLast summer I spent three days with Steve Farber and his merry band of Extreme Leaders.  Once or twice a year I go to a program that is outside my normal educational experiences.  This year I choose Steve’s Extreme Leadership program.

My goal when I go to programs like this is to live outside my normal comfort zone and expertise.  I try to go into these programs with an open mind and see what I can learn that will help me make my clients lives better.  I’m also interested in finding new ways to do interesting things with interesting people.

I think this year’s adventure has been totally successful on both counts.  I’ve learned some things I need to talk with my clients about and I had lots of experiences where I was with interesting people doing interesting things.

The most important things I learned was a beginning understanding of how to use Steve’s LEAP (love, enthusiasm, audacity, proof) system.  The other major ah ha I got was a new way to think about goals.  I’ll write about my goal ah ha in another post.

When thinking about your company I think you might want to consider these four words:

LoveAnyone who has ever spent any time with me knows that I love what I do.  I want those around me to love what they do.  When you love what you do you’re likely to love those around you.  When you love those around you you’re going to cut them more slack and a more trusting atmosphere will appear.

EnergyLove creates energy.  I know that when I work with people who have lots of energy a lot more gets done.  Things get done in a manner with a higher level of excellence.  I don’t know about you, but when I don’t have a lot of energy level I find it almost impossible to do anything well.  When I have a high level of energy it’s almost impossible for me to do things poorly.

AudacityI bet you’re not willing to be audacious unless you really trust those around you.  This makes me think about the word love.  If we love what we do and others around us love what they do, we’re likely to have a high level of trust.  When we trust each other we’re willing to take more risks and be more audacious in our view of the world.

ProofThis is the final step of the LEAP process.  Once again love and trust play a major part in having real proof.  If we love and trust each other we’re going to be willing to have proof as part of our world.  When I trust those around me I’m anxious to have proof of success or learning.  Either way I can quickly move to the next step of what’s important to do.

The hard word here is love.  I know that I’m often uncomfortable with that word.  The trick is to let that uncomfortable feeling go away, take a risk and be a little audacious.  My guess is it’ll help me get some extraordinary results.  What do you think?

We believe the client experience is what sets the tone for building trust and allowing us to help our clients have better lives.  We’ve put together a mind map that outlines what our client experience is.  If you’re interested in seeing what we think is important when we work with you click on the button below to get your mind map.

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