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You Really Can Admit You Can’t Do It All

Posted by Josh Patrick

diy disaster resized 600I was recently reading a blog entry from Ajax Wooley where he was talking about his own experience with a do it yourself project.  Ajax runs a very interesting re-modeling business and has had more than his share of DIY projects he’s had to rescue.  

For many in the helping professions we’ve been in that position.  We’ve had to come in and “clean up a mess” that an amateur left behind.  Often these amateurs are clients who come to us and ask us to straighten out the “mess” they’ve caused.

There are industries that this behavior is more prevalent than others.  For example, we’ve all probably heard about the person who was trying to sell their house and then hired a real broker.  Or, the person who started a plumbing project only to have water all over their house.

The point is we all have made this mistake.  We’ve started a project, realized we didn’t have the skills to complete it and had to go for help to keep a disaster from happening.  For some, it’s the thrill of doing something we don’t usually do, some don’t want to spend the money to hire a pro and for still others it’s just plan ego.  

The important thing is to know when it’s time to stop and hire the pro.  

The problem with doing this is it will more often than not cost you a lot more money.  If we swallow our pride and admit what we don’t know, we can save money, time, and effort in the long run by starting with the pro.  If we really want to learn how to do it next time the pro might let you shadow them to learn a little of what they know.

The next time you take a project on yourself that could cost you a lot of money, stop and think again.  You might save yourself some embarrassment and some real money.

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