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4 Reasons No Is The Secret To Sales Success - Creating Value

Posted by Josh Patrick

Learn How to Say NoIf you’re a salesperson you probably love saying the word “yes”.  Yes, we can provide that product for you.  Yes, we can hit your delivery times.  Yes, even though in your heart of hearts you know you should be saying no.

No, you say, we salespeople don’t say the word no.  Our job is to bring in sales.  If we say no, then we’re not bringing in sales.  And that is the problem with the way we train our sales people.

It’s not about saying yes or no, it’s about saying yes to the right people.

In order to say yes to the right people we have to learn to say no to wrong people.  We make it really tough for our salespeople to know when they should say yes and when they should say no.  Many companies I look at have never taken the time to profile the difference between a great customer and one they really don’t want to have. 

This is what causes sales people to have a problem.  If your salespeople don’t know the difference between good or bad how can you expect them to respond appropriately to a potential customer? You need to have a profile of what your best customers look like and teach that profile to your entire sales team.  You and your sales team now have a procedure to know when it’s time to say no.

No creates capacity for the right customer.

If you’ve learned to say no, you have the capacity in your company to say yes to the right customer.  If you’ve ever had the experience of turning away a customer you think is going to be great because you don’t have the capacity to serve them, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t imagine this; a perfect customer walks in your door, but because you’re spending all of your time trying to make customers happy that don’t really fit you have to unhappily say no to this perfect customer.

No means that you have the discipline to say yes to the right customer.  When you say yes to the right customer you’re making money, having fun, and being efficient.  Saying yes to the wrong customer means that you don’t believe there are enough good customers in the world that allow you say no.  Which of these two types of sales managers are you?

No is about creating a niche for your company.

Great companies are niche companies.  They know who their customers are.  They’ve developed products and services that delight a small group of people.  They are clear about what they do and understand their customer.  Highly developed niche companies have created tribes.  These tribes are loyal customers who regularly recommend your company to people they think you can help.

If you’re not saying no a significant amount of time, you don’t have a niche.  Most of the people or companies in this world won’t be a good fit for you.  Realizing this is just the first step.  Saying no to those that don’t fit is where you start down the road of having a niche that means something that can create extreme value.

No allows you to become really good at what you do.

If you become an expert in a particular market segment, you learn all there is to know about that market segment.  After a period of time you start finding that you can answer questions without thinking about them.  You start anticipating the problems you can solve for your customers before your customers even know they have them.  You find that you’ve become much more efficient at serving your customers. 

You might even find that you’re now charging the same amount of money for something that only took you half the time to produce in your old business model where you said yes to everyone. 

No is one the one word that sets you free.  Learning how to say no effectively will help your business and help you have more fun.  Really, you should try it.

 We have put together a Strategic Marketing Guide for Finding Your Best Customer.  This report is the first step in creating a great niche company.  The report will help you figure out how to analyze your customer base and start to understand whom you need to say yes and more importantly no to.  To get this report, click on the button below.

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