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How Do You Talk About Your Complicated Products?

Posted by Josh Patrick

complicated resized 600Do you have a product that’s hard for your customers to get their arms around?  Do you suggest or sell things that have a long sales cycle?  Do you often find that you have to explain what it is you do several times?  If so, you need to spend extra time nurturing and educating your community.

My products and services are complicated.

There are very few things that I suggest that are simple to do.  Sometimes they’re simple to understand from a conceptual point of view, but difficult to implement.  Sometimes the opposite is true, they’re hard to understand and simple to implement.

Either way, before anyone decides to say yes to working with us I need to spend a lot of time helping them understand what we do. 

One of my best clients helped me out with this.  He kept telling me I was confusing him.  Luckily for me, he continued doing this until I got it.  It’s why I use mind maps and have come to the conclusion that if I have to use more than one page to explain something it’s too complicated.

Why I write a blog several times a week.

I work in lots of different areas.  It’s easy for someone to get confused about what I do.  Am I a coach, do I provide consulting services, what about investment advice? 

These are only three of the more than ten hats that I can wear.  My blog gives an opportunity to explain to you what it is I do and provide some evidence that I know what I’m talking about.  Reading a book a week for 35 years, running several operating businesses, and being generally curious has helped me develop a lot of skills.  Helping you understand what those skills are can sometimes be a challenge, especially without confusing you.

Why we have over 50 special reports, workbooks, and mind maps.

You might want to find more information about what we know.  Over the years I’ve assembled lots of case studies, special reports, work books, quizzes and mind maps that explain complicated principles. 

These reports are written either by me, or by people I think are experts in their field.  These reports are in our resource center for one reason: I want to make it easy for you to find more information on topics you find interesting.

Why I always take phone calls with no charge.

Sometimes information I provide through the New York Times, my blog or through conversations creates questions.  I want people with questions to give me a call. 

I never charge for these calls.  I want you to understand the value we can bring to different situations.  Sometimes I spend several hours with you before you make a decision whether you want to hire me.  I don’t charge for that time.  I find that having you understand a particular planning principle or strategy is very satisfying and not everything needs to have a cost attached.

I want to have a tribe that appreciates the work we do.

Having a tribe that understands the work we do and is interested in that work is my real goal.  Most of the people who read my blog and download information from our resource center are in the same industry as I. 

These people aren’t going to hire me for anything.  I want both business owners and providers of services to business owners to be part of my tribe.  I want to see the advice business advanced and I want to see business owners making wise decisions.  Any small thing I can do helps me with this goal.

What about you, do you have a strategy for making the complicated things your company does simple?  Do you think it’s something you might want to think about?

One of the things that would be useful for you to know is how salable your business is.  We have a quiz you can take that in a few minutes will give you an idea of how strong your business looks to a potential buyer.  To get more information about this quiz, click on the button below.

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