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Is Your Life Fulfilling In Retirement?

I spend much of my time dealing with what’s called seller's remorse. This is when someone sells their business and then finds they wish they hadn’t. Besides seller's remorse, there’s also retiree’s remorse. Just like being unhappy after selling your business, you might become unhappy that you left your job.

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Topics: retirement, transitions, Seller's remorse, retirement remorse

Are Regulations Really Evil?

This is an opinion piece, and it’s not a political screed.

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Topics: safety, opinion, regulation

Take A Break - Your Life Depends On It

We live in a constant on world. My question is why we do that?

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Topics: vacation, longlife, taking a break, time off

Are You Willing To Be Brave And Wise?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the concept of wisdom in our lives recently.  I think it’s something we probably think about more as we get older. It’s hard to have any real wisdom without also living a fairly long time.

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Topics: wisdom, curiosity, wise, knowledge

The Magical Secret Of Having A Personal Mission Statement


Everyone knows about having a good corporate mission statement. If properly crafted the mission statement will be a guiding light for the people who work in that company.

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, personal value, Mission statement

Are You Walking Your Talk?


Every morning, or almost every morning I do a journal entry. One thing I write about is a daily meditation I do on Stoicism. The one I did this morning I thought was appropriate for having a great life.

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Topics: communication, Walking your talk, integrity

Are You Bored? Learn Something New Today!


I recently ran across a quote I just love. It comes from Peter Drucker , the father of management consulting. The quote is, “You’re not tired, you’re just bored.” This quote is in reference of the change in workthat’s occurred over the past fifty years.

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Topics: career changes, retirement remorse, brain health

Before I Die...


We all have heard about “bucket lists.” This is a list of things we want to do before we die.

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Topics: wish list, bucket list

Discover A Big Secret About Doing The Best You Can


I’ve been reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown and there was a section that really hit home with me. The section was about people doing the best they can. Her follow up statement was then when I believe that, (meaning we believe others are doing the best they can) her life is better.

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Topics: emotional wealth, the good life, best you can

The Surprising Truth About Sharing A Deep, Dark Secret


I hear this all the time. “I don’t want to talk about it, it’s just too personal.”

Have you ever said this or thought it? If so, join the club. There are millions who feel the same way. The problem is, if this is you, you’re missing out on support for whatever it is you’re going through.

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Topics: wealth management, secrets

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