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831(b) Captive's Can Help You Save Money - Enterprise Value

health insurance Health insurance is one of those things that is an expense that becomes more and more complicated.  It appears to be the hardest to manage and has the most options with companies that have 100 employees or more.

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Topics: wealth management, enterprise value, 831(b) captive insurance company, medical insurance

4 Things Advisors Should Be Knowledgeable On To Work With Private Business Owners

knowledge resized 600We all have specialties where we make money with our business owner clients.  I find that when one works with private business owners it’s helpful to have a broad knowledge on many subjects.  If this broad knowledge is not your specialty, it’s important to know whom you can call on behalf of your client if they show interest in the subject you’re talking about.

Some of these subjects are crucially important to business owners and others are just things they will be interested in and want to know more about.  I think understanding what is crucial versus just interesting will help you know how much time you should spend becoming knowledgeable in these different areas.

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Topics: 401 (k) plans, ESOP, 831(b) captive insurance company, medical insurance, captive insurance

Three Uses Of An 831(b) Captive Insurance Company

831 (b) captiveThis post is for the techno geeks among us who use complicated planning structures with our Clients.

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Topics: value creation, 831(b) captive insurance company, captive insurance, 831(b) captive, estate planning

Combine An 831(b) Captive With Medical Insurance?

831 (b) captive insuranceI had a conversation with a Client today about using an 831(b) captive insurance company as an addition to their partially self-funded insurance program.  They presently are insuring about 250 people through their fully insured program and feel they can do better by installing a partially self-funded program.

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Topics: 831(b) captive insurance company, medical insurance, captive insurance, 831(b) captive, partially self-funded medical insurance

Using An 831 (b) Captive As Part Of Your Business Exit Strategy

831 (b) captive insuranceToday’s environment is not a good one for selling your business.  In many instances it’s better to sell your business to key employees and management than to a third party.

The goal when selling to your managers is to reduce the total tax cost of the transaction.  We know that when we do a stock sale, the maximum amount of total taxes are paid.  This is because the buyer uses after tax dollars to pay for stock.

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Topics: financial independence planning, business exit planning, 831(b) captive insurance company, succession planning

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