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What Would Happen If... A Magical Question


Yup, that’s right… this is my favorite question and it should be yours too. Too often we come up with a negative answer for something when we just need to ask a question. The question I want you to ask is “what would happen if?”

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Topics: asking questions, curiosity, what would happen if?, being curious

Stop Telling Me What I Want To Hear

Stop_Telling_Me_What_I_Want_To_Hear.pngI’m going to bet that you’ve said the above statement at least a zillion times. I’m also going to bet that all of the times you said it, your employees, advisors and suppliers still tell you what you want to hear.

They’re just too scared to tell you what you need to hear.  Even if you think this isn’t true, you would be wrong…..no one tells you the truth.

Understand why people don’t tell you the truth.

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Topics: communication, telling the truth, asking questions

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