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6 Reason You Need To Delegate

Well, do you?  If not, why not?  Here’s something that you might think about. You don’t delegate because you don’t trust your people.

Before you start saying, “that’s not me” ask yourself whether there might be just a little bit of truth there.  After all, if you delegate and it gets screwed up it could cost you a customer or some real money.

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Profits Are Not Cash - Cash Flow

empty-pockets-1I learned the hard way that profits don’t equal cash. When I first started in the vending business I was all of 24 years old. The first few years were great. We added a ton of business and our profits were strong.

I thought I had figured it all out. Then, as often happens when you own a business, the Universe thought it had a better idea for me. I learned that profits and cash are two very different things.

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Topics: profitability, business coaching, Cash Flow

What Language Do You Use With Others? - Personal Growth

language_barrierThis question is about the type of language you use when you’re talking with others. Understanding how the language we use affects others is a key in building rapport and trust.

Every industry that I’m involved with has it’s own language. This language is often referred to as jargon by those outside the industry. Unless someone is part of your group, it’s often best to adopt their language and leave yours behind.

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Topics: business coaching, communication, Customer Service

Do You Manage Your Workers' Compensation? – Creating Value

workers-compOne of the largest costs you have in your company is workers' compensation. It’s also one of the more arcane insurances that you buy.

Managing workers' compensation can save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars per year. Knowing a few tricks can help you manage this cost.

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Topics: business coaching, for business owners, financial planning, wealth management, stage 3,, stage 2,

Do You Say Yes Too Often? – Creating Value

Saying_Yes_To_EverythingWe often say yes to people because of who they are and not what the request is. Sometimes you just have to say yes. And then there are other times where a little thought before saying yes would be a good idea.

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Topics: business coaching, communication

Do You Know How You Spend Your Time? - Coaching

pocketwatchWhen I owned my vending company my managers would often come to me and say they didn’t have enough time to do their work. The first thing I would do with them is ask them to start tracking their time. Not just generally how they spend their time. I asked them to keep a diary for four weeks with an entry every fifteen minutes.

I know this is a real pain in the neck. I know that your managers are likely going to push back really hard on this issue. I know that if you make them do it you and they will learn some really important lessons.

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Topics: business coaching, value creation, time management,

The Art Of Being Competent

learning resized 600I’m a fan of Stephen Covey and his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In the book Mr. Covey talks about four stages of knowledge.  Knowledge moves from not knowing that you don’t know to being a world-class expert.  Along the way there are several steps that everyone must move to reach the highest level, which is being unconsciously competent.

First, you need to know that you don’t know.

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Topics: business coaching, personal value, learning experiences

8 Issues To Think About In Family Transitions

Family BusinessMany founders of businesses dream of the day they can transition the business to their children.  There is much in the literature that talks about the estate planning issues.  Little is there that talks about what it takes to have a successful business that is transitioned.

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Topics: business coaching, family business transition, succession planning

The Word Should Is Evil

new slash should resized 600Yes, this is strong language.  It’s even a little outrageous.  If you use the word should you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

I know that when someone tells me they should do something or I should do something I immediately turn them off.  If you do this enough with other people they turn you off.  After a while people stop listening to what you’re saying.  That’s just the way it works.

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Topics: business coaching, communication, build trust

Stop Putting Band-Aids On Things

Bandaid1Do you feel like you’re stuck in the movie Groundhog Day?  You know, the same thing happens over and over.  You feel like you’ve gotten past a problem and then a year or two later the exact same problem comes back again.  You thought you solved it last time.  You didn’t, it just appeared again and you’re afraid that it’s going to continue like this forever.

You need to stop being tactical.

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Topics: systems, business coaching, strategic planning

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