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South Burlington, VT

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Can We Really Trust Our Mutual Funds?

shareholders.pngA major part of our investment management process is helping clients choose an investment strategy that helps you reach your goals.  I would like to think that mutual funds who you invest your money with would see that part of their job is to make sure executives in companies the funds invest don't over pay their executives.  When your funds don't do this, your returns are unfairly diminished.

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Topics: shareholder agreement, business management, mutual funds

Vermont Tips for Wealth Management: Be Humble, Learn From The Best!

learningI’m lucky.  I’ve had the chance to learn from some of the best minds in the country.  Sometimes I’ve found these people through industry connections, sometimes through classes and sometimes it’s been through books.

How I started my quest.

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Topics: learning experiences, Customer Service, business management

6 Ways Of Dealing With No Cash - Wealth Management in VT

cash_flowsThe worst thing that can ever happen in your business is to run out of cash.  Without cash you can’t play the game anymore.  Your suppliers won’t ship, your employees will quit and your competitors will circle like the vultures they are.

You won’t sleep and your life will become miserable.  Unfortunately, there are times in your business life where you’re going to be short on cash.  It seems to be part of the deal. 

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Topics: trust, cash flow management, business management

5 Reasons You Want Your Spouse Involved In Your Business - Burlington, VT Financial Adviser

I spend way too much time trying to get my clients to involve their spouses in important decisions.  I then spend way too much time trying to fix planning problems as a result of not involving a spouse in major conversations.

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Topics: decision making, spouse, business management

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