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Really, You Didn't Let Those Accidental Values In Did You?

Values are an integral part of your life and your business.  Our video talks about not only how values are important in your life, but also talk about why you want to make sure you don't have accidental values magically appear.  

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Topics: business owner video, accidental values

4 Areas Of Profit You Need To Pay Attention To

Profit is the lifeblood of business.  Without it your business won't last very long.

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Topics: profitability, business owner video, sustainable business, 4 areas of profit, Profit First

Why You Need To Know About A Cash Balance Plan

If you own a business there's a very good chance your business is not going to provide enough money for you to retire.  If you believe this (and if you don't watch the video) then you're going to need to save more outside your business in a tax advantaged manner.

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Topics: qualified plans, cash balance plan, retirement plan, business owner video

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