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South Burlington, VT

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All Engagements Can Be Collaborative


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Why The Business Owner Trusted Advisor Isn’t Who You Think It Is

the right advisor

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Tag Lines Are Not Mission Statements

Stage 2 Planning PartnersI was sitting in our lobby looking at the sign that points people to our office.  Under our logo was a tag line that said financial strategies for life.  If you look at our new logo you will see our mission statement of we make our Clients lives better.  This started me thinking about the difference between a tag line and a mission statement.

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, for business owners, financial planning, business relationship management, mission, niche business, niche management

A Poem That Has Been A Guiding Light For Me – Commitment

CommitmentIn the early 80’s I took a variety of seminars that helped me smooth out some of my rough edges.  These programs helped me realize there is more in the world than me.  One of the best was a program that was put together by Marshall Thurber called Money and You.

In this program Marshall introduced a poem that has been above my desk for almost thirty years.  I look at and read this poem at least once a week.  Every time I read it I’m reminded that starting is often the most important ingredient in success.

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Referrals Are All About Context - Enterprise Value

referralsMany businesses have referrals as the best way to create new customers or clients.  Even though we know referrals can help us grow our business, we often are reticent about asking for them for a variety of reasons. 

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Topics: for business owners, business relationship management, enterprise value, for advisors, Customer Service

4 Influences of wealth management in Burlington, Stowe, VT

wealth management burlingtonI’ve been involved in a conversation for the past few weeks about the difference between persuasion and influence.  The conversation started with the question, “how do you persuade your clients to do something.” 

My conclusion is that we shouldn’t persuade, we should help our clients discover options they choose.  This fits in with my belief that clients need to stay in charge of the relationship that we have.  If we persuade, then we are taking control of the relationship.

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Topics: business relationship management, trust, asking why, persuasion, Socratic method of discovery, decision process

3 Reasons You Need To Answer Your Phone – Enterprise Value

I9750353’m a nut about returning phone calls and answering email.  It’s not always the most pleasant activity I have, but it surely is important.

Dan Sullivan from the Strategic Coach often talks about being referable.  The four things that he says you need to do are:

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Topics: time, wealth management, Mind Maps, business relationship management, build trust, enterprise value

Wealth Management Starts With Client Leadership

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, communication, Client Communication, business relationship management, people who care, vision, Customer Service

Moving From Operational Irrelevance To Ex-Owner

scared business personThe scariest thing that many business owners face is the day they leave their business for good.  While the owner has been going through the process of finding someone to take the business over they often haven’t had time to think about what’s next.

This is especially true for those who have not made themselves operationally irrelevant in their business.  Those who have been intimately involved in the day-to-day operations up to the day they leave have usually not taken the time to ask, much less answer what’s next in their lives.

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Topics: operational irrelevance, business relationship management, business exit planning, passive ownership

An Easy Way To Make Sure Collaboration Happens

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Topics: business relationship management, enterprise value, business exit planning, collaboration, strategic planning, succession planning

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