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Are You Bored? Learn Something New Today!


I recently ran across a quote I just love. It comes from Peter Drucker , the father of management consulting. The quote is, “You’re not tired, you’re just bored.” This quote is in reference of the change in workthat’s occurred over the past fifty years.

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Stop Making Dumb Decisions Now!

decisionHow often have you made a major decision before you became clear on what you want?  If you’ve ever made a mistake on a big decision I bet you spent almost no time figuring out what and more importantly why you wanted to do something.

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Topics: decision making, life changes, career changes

Is Your Job In Danger?

act_like_an_ownerHere’s something you may not have thought about.  Your biggest asset is your ability to earn money.  The younger you are the more important this asset is.

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Topics: personal growth, career changes, career development

Getting Ready To Retire, Think About A New Career - Retirement Planning in VT

Baby boomers seem to be changing the rules of retirement.  It’s no longer work for 40 years for one company, retire with a gold watch and ride off into the sunset.  You probably had at least three employers in your career.  You might even be doing something completely different than what you were taught in school.

As you get ready for retirement, think about what you can do that will keep your mind occupied.  Work doesn’t have to mean drudgery and I’m hoping that as you approach retirement age you aren’t going to be totally dependent on work to have enough money to live.

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Topics: retirement, life changes, career changes

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