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Institutions Let Us Down

american institutions resized 600I’m writing this on October 16th.  We still have a shut down government and we’re all on pins and needles wondering if Congress is going to raise the debt ceiling.  Some of us are blaming the Republicans and some the Democrats.  For me, it probably should be neither.

It’s not the government it’s institutions.

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Are You Ready For Your Life To Change?

changes ahead exit sign resized 600We live in a time where things can easily be turned upside down.  What we thought was true today may not be tomorrow.  What was supposed to only happen once in two hundred years happens three times in five years.  You get the idea.  What we used to think would never change changes all of the time.

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5 Ways To Create Change That Doesn’t Hurt

Antique Bike Miniature resized 600A lot of the time new equals change.  New could also be a different way of looking at something.  It could be finding something funny that you never noticed before.  It even could be a different way of practicing.

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Why I’m Glad My Kids Do Social Media

Kids resized 600I have two children.  Both are really cool kids.  Well, they’re not really kids anymore.  My daughter is 26 and my son is 28.  Not exactly kids.

Both do all of the social media stuff.  Over the July 4th weekend both were home and for the first time I noticed the wonder in social media and how it has made their lives better.

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My New Favorite Word - Priage

next steps I bet you’ve never seen the word priage before.  I hadn’t either, that is until a couple of weeks ago.  When I first saw it, I sat there and scratched my head for a while, and then I got it:  Priage is the other end of triage.  It’s what you do when you know you’re going to have a transitional event, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Why priage can save you a lot of pain.

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Topics: transition planning, Change, disaster plans

Can We Please Stop Waiting For The Sky To Fall?

sky is falling headline resized 600I’ve been listening to a lot of noise about how Medicare is going to bankrupt our nation.  I keep hearing we can’t afford to provide health care and we might as well give up now.

The only problem with this argument is that it supposes that everything that exists today will be how it’ll be ten, twenty, or thirty years from now.  I’m going to suggest that you ask yourself this question, “What was medical care like twenty or thirty years ago?”  Do you think it looks anything like it does today?

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7 Things That Scare Me

fear1 resized 600There’s a saying that goes like this:  FEAR = false evidence appearing real.  That’s not the point of this post.  I mostly believe that fear is false evidence appearing real.  Still there are some things that are just plain scary for me.  Maybe it’s not fear, but it sure is scary.

My cancer might come back.

This is probably the biggest fear I have and the one I spend the most time worrying about.  Every time a new ache or pain appears I ask myself whether this is when I re-enter cancer world.  It’s been over four years since I’ve ended my cancer treatments.  Still, there’s the worry and that just doesn’t seem to go away.

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4 Reasons You Need To Pay Attention To Others

images resized 600At one point in the twentieth century we thought that management would fix all the ills that we faced.  In the 1960’s we thought that management could fix all problems.  The poster child for this thought was Robert S. McNamera.  He was President Kennedy’s secretary of defense and truly thought that systematic management could solve any problem and help us make all of our decisions. 

He focused on the internal and forgot that there were external forces that also needed his attention.  His problem was he forgot to think and take into account these 4 issues:

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Are You Prepared For The Next Big Thing?

technology advancesWe spend a lot of time reading about “the next big thing.”  Every time I see this term I wonder what exactly they are talking about.  Last year I attended a seminar where there were six things that were brought up as the next big thing.  I think that if you’re not prepared for at least one or two of these you are going to put yourself in a position of being left behind.

I think the more you think about how these fit in with your life, the better choice you’ll be able to make.

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It’s Not The Guns, It’s The Bullets

Op Ed FridayOver the last few months we’ve seen tons of stories about mass killings in this country.  There was the movie theatre in Colorado, the Fort Hood killings, Virginia Tech and of course, the worst of them all Newtown.  As bad as all of these were, it’s not even close to the issue.

According to Wikipedia in 2010 there were 358 murders involving rifles, 6,009 with pistols and another 1,939 with unreported type firearms.  In addition there were 52,447 deliberate and non-fatal gunshot wounds in this country last year. 

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Topics: cultural change, lessons learned, Change

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