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Collaboration Starts At Home

collaborationIf you read any management literature you’re going to see how important collaboration is in a successful organization.  I agree, collaboration is important.  At the same time it seems awfully hard to do.  I wonder why that’s true?

I bet you’ve been frustrated when you tried to collaborate with others.  In fact, I bet most of the time if you get to cooperation you’re pretty happy.  There has to be a better way to move from being a lone ranger to working in a collaborative environment.

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I Like To Lead From The Back

leadershipI’m making an assumption.  I’m assuming that you want to be known as a good leader.  It’s certainly something I want to be known for.

I learned a secret a long time ago.  My secret is really pretty simple.  You don’t have to be in front to lead.  You can lead from the back.

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What Exactly Is Win/Win

win win partnership cartoon resized 600I’m involved in a peer-to-peer group that’s purpose is to help each other become better writers.  Sometimes we get side tracked and wander into other ares of interest.  A few weeks ago we ended up on the topic of win/win as a result of a blog post I wrote.

Some in the group were having a very hard time figuring out how win/win could fit into their lives.  They felt that they either had to win and another had to lose or they might be taken advantage of.  This couldn’t further from the truth of what win/win is really about.

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No, you can't manage anything...experience matters

industry experience2 resized 600

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5 Reasons Rolodex Management Is Important – Enterprise Value

RolodexIn the world I work in there are several areas where I consider myself an “expert”.  By expert I mean I’ve had lots of experience in both understanding and implementing particular areas we work with clients in.  When presented the opportunity I will provide clients my advice and help them implement strategies and tactics as it becomes appropriate.

At the same time there is a huge area that I’m aware of things that can be done, but would not consider myself an expert.  I’ve been reading over fifty books a year for thirty-five years.  About 70% of these are on various business issues so that means I’ve read about 1,200 business books over this time frame.

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Compromise Is Always Lose/Lose – Enterprise Value

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Why Are Synergy And Collaboration Dirty Words?

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Contractors Use Checklists, Why Not You?

to do list I’m a big fan of checklists.  They are at the core of every system I’ve ever developed.

Checklists are often seen as an impediment of being creative.  Many times when the ball gets dropped someone might say, “I didn’t want to cramp my style.”  I would argue that checklists not only don’t cramp your style, they allow greater flexibility when it’s appropriate.

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Topics: communication, business relationship management, collaboration, passive ownership

Asking Questions – What I Learned From Cancer Treatment

ListeningThe art of listening is a difficult one.  We often don’t listen well, because we usually prepare for the next thing that is going to come out of our mouth.

Asking good questions is a sub-set of listening well.  To ask a good question you first much listen completely to what the other person is telling you.  Then, you can form a good question that helps move your knowledge forward.

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All Engagements Can Be Collaborative


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