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6 Things That Makes A Great Customer

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Topics: advisor to advisor, business relationship management, Client Experience, trust, collaboration with clients

9 Reasons You may Need A Customer Advisor Board

customer advisory board resized 600 I’m a huge fan of customer advisory boards.  These boards are made up of significant customers: Individuals you believe can add value to your company.

A customer advisory board is different than a traditional board of directors.  This board is designed to help you improve your customer experience and provide services that you may not have considered. 

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Topics: for business owners, value creation, business relationship management, collaboration with clients

Collaboration, Cooperation and Coercion

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Topics: for business owners, business relationship management, for advisors, private business owners, collaboration with clients

4 Reasons You Need Specialists And Generalists In Your Life

search engine optimization specialists.22a img1.best seo companyI’ve been thinking about all of the areas I have a reasonable amount of knowledge in.  When I go through this list I realize that I’m really more a generalists than a specialist.  I have a strong working knowledge in literally everything a private business owner is likely to experience during their life.

My knowledge in some of these areas is very deep.  In others it’s broad and I’ve learned where to turn for help when my clients want to work in these areas.  Its important to know where I have strong competence and where another specialist can provide a better outcome than I.

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Topics: business relationship management, specialists, collaboration with clients, certified financial planner, certified public accountant, professional relationships

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