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Saying No Is About Creating Boundaries

no-thank-youWhen your life changes because you get divorced or someone close to you dies your life is turned upside down. You’re going to be asked to do things and make decisions that you probably never had to make. You might even want to always say yes.

Saying yes may have served you well in the past. You’ll want to think before you continue saying yes to all the requests and decisions you’re going to have to make.

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Only Those Who Follow Through Are Authentic

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How I Came To Write A Blog Post Per Day – Creating Value

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Do You Have A Hard Time Committing?

commitmentI often find that people I’m around both at home and work have a hard time committing to doing things.  They find reasons not to commit and at the same time they don’t say no either.

Learning to say no is part of committing.  For whatever reason, be it we don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings or we just don’t want to deal with something, we have a hard time saying no.  No is one of the words that frees us.  Once we say no, we get to move on to the next thing in our life.

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Over Committed? 4 Things That Can Help – Wealth Management

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A Poem That Has Been A Guiding Light For Me – Commitment

CommitmentIn the early 80’s I took a variety of seminars that helped me smooth out some of my rough edges.  These programs helped me realize there is more in the world than me.  One of the best was a program that was put together by Marshall Thurber called Money and You.

In this program Marshall introduced a poem that has been above my desk for almost thirty years.  I look at and read this poem at least once a week.  Every time I read it I’m reminded that starting is often the most important ingredient in success.

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