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Are You Walking Your Talk?


Every morning, or almost every morning I do a journal entry. One thing I write about is a daily meditation I do on Stoicism. The one I did this morning I thought was appropriate for having a great life.

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Topics: communication, Walking your talk, integrity

Stop Telling Me What I Want To Hear

Stop_Telling_Me_What_I_Want_To_Hear.pngI’m going to bet that you’ve said the above statement at least a zillion times. I’m also going to bet that all of the times you said it, your employees, advisors and suppliers still tell you what you want to hear.

They’re just too scared to tell you what you need to hear.  Even if you think this isn’t true, you would be wrong…..no one tells you the truth.

Understand why people don’t tell you the truth.

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Topics: communication, telling the truth, asking questions

4 Amazing Secrets about Trust

4_Amazing_Secrets_About_Trust.pngTrust is a funny topic. Not in the ha ha sense, but in one where we all have different opinions about it.

For some people trust should come unconditionally and for others trust comes because others have earned it. I tend to be in the second school and believe that trust is earned and often re-earned over a period of time.

Let’s start with what builds trust.

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Topics: communication, trust, efficiency

It’s Not What You Say That Count’s

communicationHere’s a statement for you to consider….the meaning of your communication is the way it’s received.  This is not a new age statement for you to ponder.  It’s a simple statement that just says it doesn’t matter what you think you said, it only matters how the person you’re speaking with heard it.

A personal story with my family.

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Topics: communication, communication skills, personal growth

What Language Do You Use With Others? - Personal Growth

language_barrierThis question is about the type of language you use when you’re talking with others. Understanding how the language we use affects others is a key in building rapport and trust.

Every industry that I’m involved with has it’s own language. This language is often referred to as jargon by those outside the industry. Unless someone is part of your group, it’s often best to adopt their language and leave yours behind.

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Topics: business coaching, communication, Customer Service

Do You Really Want To Say No? - Customer Service

say_noI often write about the power of the word no. There can be a problem with that word which causes unintended consequences. When you say no to people it can cause you some real problems. Sometimes people get angry when you say no. Sometimes they get more than angry they go ballistic.

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Topics: communication, niche business, Customer Service

It’s Too Bad We Don’t Recognize People Until They Die!

InMemoriamI was recently at a meeting where it was opened with a picture of a person who had been instrumental in the success of the company. The CEO of the company started singing the praises of this person. Unfortunately, the person the CEO was talking about was dead. He never got a chance to hear how important he was to the company.

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Do You Think You’re Judgmental? - Personal Growth

judgmentWhen you have a problem with someone else do you hold a mirror up to yourself? Do you realize that when someone really annoys you it’s often about something in you that’s making you react that way?

It’s a funny thing. When we make a judgment about others we’re often making a judgment about ourselves. It took me a long time to learn this lesson. It’s one that I get to revisit on a regular basis.

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Topics: communication, personal value, asking why

What Are Hidden Metrics And Why Should You Care?

key_metrics-1I recently wrote a post in the NY Times on the concept of hidden metrics. A hidden metric is a measurement that you use in your company that is not included in your normal financial statements. It’s usually something you’ve developed that helps you understand your business better.

Hidden metrics are prospective.

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Topics: key metrics, value creation, communication

Do You Say Yes Too Often? – Creating Value

Saying_Yes_To_EverythingWe often say yes to people because of who they are and not what the request is. Sometimes you just have to say yes. And then there are other times where a little thought before saying yes would be a good idea.

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Topics: business coaching, communication

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