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6 Reasons Buying Life Insurance Is No Fun in Burlington, Stowe, VT

life insurance stoweWhen I first got into the financial services business I worked for a life insurance company.  It’s a really well respected company.  I thought the need for life insurance was obvious and it would be easy to sell.  I was wrong.  Here are some reasons I think it’s hard for you to buy insurance.

Life insurance is complicated.

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I’m Going To Leave All My Money To Charity

gift wrappedI bet you’ve heard someone say that or read it in the press.  Every once in a while some famous person either becomes disgusted or doesn’t want to leave too much to their children.  It’s becoming part of the conversation that we’re having in this country.

You’ve heard Bill Gates and Warren Buffet say this.

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Topics: communication, personal value, estate planning

10 Steps To Build A Peer-To-Peer Group

Peer Group resized 600I’m a big fan of what’s called peer-to-peer groups.  I’ve been a member of several of these groups over the years.  Some have worked and have provided me needed feedback.  Then there are the ones that I probably would have been better off not participating in.

I think everyone should be involved in a peer-to-peer group.  I also think you should get value when you do.  Here are some rules you might want to consider:

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Topics: value creation, communication, trust

Without Trust Nothing Happens

trust resized 600Why is it that you might have a hard time trusting any professional you work with?  I think this is a question that we as professionals and advisors to private business owners need to answer.

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Topics: value creation, communication, trust

Why Performance Coaching Is Better Than Reviews

CoachI love developing new ideas in management.  It allows me to use my creativity as well as practice being flexible. 

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Topics: business coaching, communication, professional relationships

5 Things That Makes You Authentic

authenticity1Have you ever wondered why sometimes you don’t seem to connect with others? 

I know that when I work with other people I want to start out with trust.  I also know that I sometimes lose trust quickly and start questioning whether I want to work with a person at all.  I find that sometimes it comes down to lack of rapport with the other person, but more often it’s simple things that get in the way.  These things are what make you authentic.

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Topics: business coaching, value creation, communication

Are You A Curmudgeon?

curmudgeon resized 600I have to admit it; the word curmudgeon is one of my favorite words in our language.  I like to say it and I like the way it sounds.  What I don’t like is the dictionary definition of a curmudgeon.

Dictionary.com defines a curmudgeon as a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.  Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a curmudgeon around.  Sometimes a cantankerous person will say something that needs to be said and no one is willing to do so. 

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Topics: business coaching, communication, roles

5 Reasons I Love The Question Why

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Topics: value creation, communication, asking why

Why I’m Glad My Kids Do Social Media

Kids resized 600I have two children.  Both are really cool kids.  Well, they’re not really kids anymore.  My daughter is 26 and my son is 28.  Not exactly kids.

Both do all of the social media stuff.  Over the July 4th weekend both were home and for the first time I noticed the wonder in social media and how it has made their lives better.

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Topics: communication, family, Change

Do You Walk Your Talk?

Walk the TalkHere is a statement I hear all of the time, “I have to start doing that.”  Another statement is “I need to do that.”  Every time I hear either I tend to discount what I’ve just heard.  This statements are just noise that seems to follow me around.

What about you, when you hear a statement like that do you take it seriously?  My guess is you don’t.  The reason is you’ve heard it all before.  People tell you what they’re going to do or what they need to do and never get around to it.

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Topics: cultural change, value creation, communication

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