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Why I’m Not A Fan Of Grover Norquist

empty pocketsI’m not a fan of taxes anymore than the next person.  At the same time, I really dislike being irresponsible in how we deal with our national finances. 

We have a fiscal problem in this country.  Our problem came as a result of having two wars start at the same time we did very large tax cuts.  In fact, it was the first time in our countries history that we not only started down the road of wars; we decided not to even try to pay for them.

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Collaboration Always Starts With Clients

CollaborationI’m involved in a group that regularly discusses collaboration.  The discussion ranges from what collaboration is, how you get it and what keeps it from happening in the first place.

My belief is that collaboration only happens when the client wants it to happen.  In our firm we believe that the client is in charge of the relationship and the first person we want to collaborate with is the client.

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