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The Surprising Secret Of Having Happy Customers


I know that you want to be a happy customer. When you walk in a store or a professional's office you have a problem you hope that can be solved. Too often the person you're speaking with acts like you know tons about what it is they do. They start to use jargon and have complicated explanations of how they're going to solve your problem. 

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Stop Lying To Yourself - Here’s Why You Won’t Delegate

hope-and-expectation1We all know that growing a business is hard work.  Lots of time you have to go against the grain from what you’ve been taught.  Delegation is certainly one of those activities.  Here’s some statements you might have running around in your brain:

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6 Reasons You Won’t Delegate And How You’re Limiting Yourself

changeI find that one of the main differences between successful businesses and those that don’t do as well is the ability of the owner to delegate effectively.  Delegation is one part science and one part art.  Knowing what and who to delegate to is part of being effective.

Delegation is not abdication.

When you ask someone to take over a job in your company you are delegating a task or responsibility.  This doesn’t mean you can assign the task and forget about it.  Or at least most of the time you can’t.

When you ask someone to take something on they will probably need a little support.  Are you willing to help provide that support?  If not, then delegation is not going to be in the cards for you.

Know the skills of the people you delegate to.

If you have an administrative person who’s never done bookkeeping you might want to think twice before you have them take over your checkbook.  Make sure that when you delegate an activity the person you delegate to has a good chance of doing the job well.

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Don’t Be A Chicken. Start A Customer Advisory Board

customer_advisory_boardA customer advisory board is a first cousin to a peer group.  The difference is the peers are all customers or clients of your company.  The purpose of a customer advisory board is to help you make your business better.  Like peer groups customer advisory boards have rules that if followed will increase the groups value.

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The Hardest Part About Saying No

NOIf you want to build a successful business you have to learn how to say no.  You have to say no to employees, you have to say no to suppliers and you even have to learn how to say no to customers.

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How To Charge Enough Even If You’re Scared

value__pricingI was recently at a meeting where the majority of the people in attendance were young entrepreneurs and business owners.  Most of them where unhappy with how much money they were making.

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You Need Clarity In Your Estate Plan

I have a saying I love and my wife hates, “clarity leads to power.”  Not that you’re trying to achieve world domination….well, maybe you are.  Let’s just say I’m not trying to take over the world.  I just want to know if I’m doing the right thing.

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Keep Your Product Off The Bottom Shelf?

I’m not talking literally.  I’m thinking about mind space in your customers’ eyes.

I bet you want to be top of mind.  I bet you would like your product or service be the first thing a customer or potential customer thinks about in your product category.

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3 Things Your Creative Teams Need

Your probably getting really sick of reading and hearing about how important innovation is in your business.  You might even wish the world will stop for a while and let you get caught up.  It’s all about new, new, new, and more new.  I bet there are times where you just want to breath and say stop…..

Well, I guess you’ve come to the wrong place today.  We’re not going to talk about stop.  Instead, let’s spend a little time about what makes for great innovation.  Innovation comes from creativity and there are three things I want you to consider.

Do you trust those you’re working with?

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Thinking of Investing: Start With A Financial Planner in Burlington VT

financial_planningI’m always amazed when people come and ask me to help them with investment management.  They almost always forget the first part of the equation.  The first step is having a financial plan in place.

Financial planning doesn’t give you a final answer.

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