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My Ongoing Argument With My Father

cash_flowsActually this argument stopped about twenty-five years ago.  But, for the first ten years I was in business I focused on growth and my father kept saying that was the wrong metric.

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Topics: wealth management, Cash Flow, creating value

Is The Customer Really Always Right?

july_1Those who have known me for a long time are scratching their heads right now.  They’re probably asking themselves, “has Patrick lost his mind?”  They can’t believe I’m actually asking this question.

No, I haven’t lost my mind.  I’ve seen too many businesses say yes when they need to say no.  Saying no isn’t just for potential customers; it’s for the customers you serve today.

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Topics: wealth management, Customer Service, creating value

6 Ways To Institutionalize Creativity

blog_june_14Is creativity something your company craves or is it something you do only when you get around to it?  I’m hoping your company craves creativity.  If not, here are some things you might want to think about.

Ask the question what would happen if?

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Topics: cultural change, creating value, creativity

What Role Do You Play?

I like to ask owners I work with a question - what role do you play in your business?  If the person I’m asking this question is honest


 their answer is it depends.  It depends on what they’re actually doing at a particular time.

When I’m working with clients I like to help them work on the $10,000 per hour question.  The one that will help them move the needle in their company.  If most business owners are honest with me they’ll tell me their time is usually spent on things that are worth $25 to $300 an hour. 

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Topics: financial planning, roles, creating value

Is Your Company Credible? - Customer Service

blog_june_2I’ve been complaining for a long time about the lack of good customer service.  Too often I do business with a company only to be sorely disappointed.  If your company isn’t credible, how can you expect repeat buyers?  And we all know that without repeat buyers it’s very difficult for your business to prosper.

It all starts with being trustworthy.

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Topics: Customer Service, repeat customers, creating value

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