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6 Ways To Institutionalize Creativity

blog_june_14Is creativity something your company craves or is it something you do only when you get around to it?  I’m hoping your company craves creativity.  If not, here are some things you might want to think about.

Ask the question what would happen if?

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The Ugly Side Of Maximizing Profits - Op Ed

soapbox2This post is my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of NFPSI or any other members of Stage 2 Planning Partners. If you think this post is another rant, you would be correct.

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Topics: cultural change, Personal Responsibility, Change

5 Reasons You Need A Family Constitution

rule-bookI keep reading about the twenties being a lost decade. I think this is a mistake both for parents and children. I’ve seen that often this lost decade comes as a result of not having clear expectations within the family. Here are some things you might want to consider:

The twenties are not a time for putting your life on hold.

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Topics: cultural change, family, effective communication

Don’t Forget To Live For Today - Personal Growth

here_and_nowThere have been thousands and maybe even millions of suggestions about how to become more successful. I think most of them boil down to three things: Learning from the past, looking at the future, and being present while you’re living your life.

Start with being present.

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Happiness Is What Happens Now - Wealth Management

present-4I hear this all of the time, “When x happens I’m going to be happy.” The problem with this statement is that happiness is going to be in the future, it’s not happening right now.

Too often we wait for something that is going to make us happy. Why don’t we instead look for things that can make us happy today?

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Topics: cultural change, wealth management, roles, professional relationships

Do You Feel Like You’re A Groundhog (The Movie)

groundhogdayIn the movie Groundhog Day Bill Murray gets to live his life over and over until he learns some basic lessons. I use this movie as a metaphor for how many of us live our lives. We seem to have the same problems every year and they never go away. Do you ever wonder why this happens?

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Topics: cultural change, roles, learning experiences

Stop Writing Long Reports

scrollYou can add long business plans, long marketing plans, long job descriptions; you get the idea. If at all possible stop writing long reports and plans. No one wants to read long reports and once they’re read they’re never looked at again.

The longer the report the less clear you’ll be.

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Socrates Had It Right – Creating Value

socratesThe Socratic method is asking questions with the expectation that the person you’re talking with knows the answer. I’ve learned this is the most effective way of having someone learn and get your point across to others.

A good question is the silver bullet in managing others. If you can help others discover what’s important they’re likely going to learn way better than if you just tell them.

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Topics: cultural change, value creation, personal value

Why You Need To Love Radical Change - Life Changes

change-2I’ve been a fan of Ilya Prigogine for more than thirty years. I first heard about him in the early 80’s at a human potential workshop. When I was introduced to him I also learned a new word, perturbation.

Perturbation is bombarding of a structure. In Mr. Prigogine’s world it was atomic structures that would be bombarded and then emerge as something completely new. In our world it can be having the universe tell us we’re on the wrong track and need to change.

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Topics: cultural change, communication

Do You Treat Your Employees As Your Best Customers?

mediumNo, this is not a joke; it’s a real question. I often wonder why people I know complain about their employees’ customer service when they treat their employees poorly. They don’t seem to get that if they don’t treat their employees well their employees won’t treat their customers well.

Go back to the time you had a bad boss.

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