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6 Secrets You Need To Know For Successful Projects


I love to start new things. There is something exciting about the new. I also find that it’s hard work to get something I start to the finish line.

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Stop Making Dumb Decisions Now!

decisionHow often have you made a major decision before you became clear on what you want?  If you’ve ever made a mistake on a big decision I bet you spent almost no time figuring out what and more importantly why you wanted to do something.

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5 Reasons You Want Your Spouse Involved In Your Business - Burlington, VT Financial Adviser

I spend way too much time trying to get my clients to involve their spouses in important decisions.  I then spend way too much time trying to fix planning problems as a result of not involving a spouse in major conversations.

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Small Choices Are Better Than Big Ones

small_decisionsI spend a lot of time helping people make choices about their life.  Sometimes it’s around their business and sometimes it’s what they should do personally.  In both cases if you can keep the choices small it’s much easier to manage.

Stay way from sunk costs.

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Respect Your Children - Op Ed

blog_june_4I was recently out to dinner with a friend of mine.  He was talking about his child having a major cancer event twenty years earlier when she was very young.

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Topics: wealth management, decision making, op ed

7 Reasons You Won’t Say No

blog_3I’m a big fan of the word no.  Without saying no, you never have the capacity to say yes.  No is a useful word.  If that’s so, why is it that you’re not willing to ever use this very useful word.  I think I might have found 7 reasons you don’t.

If you say no, no one will ever ask you again.

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