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Two Words and Two Phrases We Need To Stop Using

Stop using these words and phrases

One of my pet peeves are certain words and phrases that live in the English language. I find these words offensive. Not in the way you might think. They’re offensive because of what the result is of using them.

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Topics: effective communication, honesty, stop using this word, stop using this phrase

5 Reasons You Need A Family Constitution

rule-bookI keep reading about the twenties being a lost decade. I think this is a mistake both for parents and children. I’ve seen that often this lost decade comes as a result of not having clear expectations within the family. Here are some things you might want to consider:

The twenties are not a time for putting your life on hold.

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Topics: cultural change, family, effective communication

Stop Selling And Start Listening

Sales PersonYou’ve had it happen.  You walk into a store.  You want to buy whatever it is they sell.  A salesperson walks up to you and you feel slimed.

What do you think happened?  The salesperson was likely more interested in selling you something than in solving your needs.  Or, the salesperson just didn’t believe in what they were selling.  Or even worse yet, the sales person was trying to pull the wool over your eyes and wanted to take advantage of you.

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