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How Cancer Changed My View Of Death

op edWe’re all going to die.  We know it, and we do everything in our power to pretend that death is not the real end.  We use terms like moving on.  The truth is we’re not moving on, we’re dead and we’ve stopped.

This is not to say that death isn’t scary for me, it is.  I’ve just come to terms with death in a way that you may have not.

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Do You Have A Will?

last will testament1 resized 600If you’re like about 50% of the American population your answer will be no.  It’s even worse when you look at the number of people who haven’t looked at their will in five years.

We all know we should have a will, and at the same time very few of us have one.  Even fewer have told our loved ones what’s in our will.  What’s up with that?  Do you really want to keep your wishes a secret from those you value enough to put in your will?

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Topics: end of life, family, estate planning

5 Decisions You Need To Make

transition planningMost of us don’t want to deal with end of life issues.  After all who wants to contemplate death and how we’re going to leave the world.  If you decide this is your strategy, I encourage you to think again.  You might want to think about taking a different action on these five issues.

Understand and communicate the type of treatment you want.

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Topics: end of life, communication, transition planning

Recovery Is A Slow Process When Your World Is Turned Upside Down

TransitionI was recently at a wedding where I ran into a client I worked with after her husband committed suicide.  It was five years ago that this sad event happened.

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Topics: people in transition, end of life, Change

We Need To Learn To Talk About Death – Wealth Management

peacefulAs much as we don’t want to we need to learn to talk about death.  Death is part of life.  In fact, it’s the last thing we’re going to do on earth. 

It seems to me that many times we’re uncomfortable talking to those who are dying or even talking to family members who have a loved one who’s dying.  In my opinion that’s too bad.

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Topics: end of life, wealth management, learning experiences

4 Reasons You Want To Keep Your Skills Current

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Some Ideas About End Of Life – Wealth Management

wealth managementWe’re going through an end of life experience in our family.  I thought this would be a good time to write a little about things I’ve learned not only about end of life, but critical illness issues as well.

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Topics: end of life, financial planning, wealth management

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