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5 Reasons You Need A Family Constitution

rule-bookI keep reading about the twenties being a lost decade. I think this is a mistake both for parents and children. I’ve seen that often this lost decade comes as a result of not having clear expectations within the family. Here are some things you might want to consider:

The twenties are not a time for putting your life on hold.

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What Is Grantor’s Remorse And Why Should You Care - Wealth Management

giftIf you own a business you’ve probably heard about seller’s remorse. That’s when a business owner sells their business and very soon afterwards is sorry they ever did the deal. This is a real issue in the world of business planning.

There’s another type of remorse I often run across. It’s called grantor’s remorse. That’s when someone irrevocably gives something away to a family member and then comes to be sorry that they gave the gift.

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6 Things You Need To Tell Your Family – Wealth Management


Here’s a sad fact: you’re going to die. I know it’s probably not today, and hopefully not for a very long time. For me, it seemed like it could have been pretty close. As it turns out, five years have gone by and I’m still kicking.

When I thought I might have a limited amount of time l

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Listen To Your Children

parent child communication resized 600One of the favorite topics for wealth managers to talk about is how philanthropy can help teach great money skills to your children.  Other wealth managers might talk about doing a family bank account to fund business activities.  Still others might want you to put together funds that will provide education for your children and grandchildren.

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Is It Possible To Have Love Without Trust?

love and trust resized 600I know this looks like a pretty stupid question.  I asked it for a reason.  I want you to think about how trust fits into your life.  I want you to realize that without trust intimacy is probably not possible.  Without trust in your life, it’s going to be very hard having a good life.

Trust is at the core of everything that’s important in your life.

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Don’t Separate, Integrate. Your Business That Is

Integrating business and personal life resized 600If there’s one thing I get really sick of it’s people who have never owned a business telling me that I need to separate my business from my personal life.  For years, I would feel guilty about it and then I finally understood that those who are telling me this have never owned their own business.  Sure, it sounds like a great idea.  The reality is I’ve never been able to separate the two and I don’t know anyone else who has, or least no one else that created a successful business.

I really like working, what’s wrong with that?

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Children Learn What They Live

describe the imageA poem by Dorothy Law Nolte, PhD.  One that you need to read and one you need to learn.  I think this one is going to join the other two documents that live on my office wall.  This is the first addition I've made in over twenty-five years.  I think it's just that good.  Please pass this on to those you love.

-If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
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5 Reasons You Need To Share Your Will

Last Will and Testament resized 600I’ve often asked you the question, “Do you have a will?”  I ask this because it’s a document that too many people have never gotten around to putting together.  Even fewer have updated their will in the last five years, and even rarer are the people who bother to share what they have in their will with those affected.

Your will is a document about your life.

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Do You Have A Will?

last will testament1 resized 600If you’re like about 50% of the American population your answer will be no.  It’s even worse when you look at the number of people who haven’t looked at their will in five years.

We all know we should have a will, and at the same time very few of us have one.  Even fewer have told our loved ones what’s in our will.  What’s up with that?  Do you really want to keep your wishes a secret from those you value enough to put in your will?

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Why I’m Glad My Kids Do Social Media

Kids resized 600I have two children.  Both are really cool kids.  Well, they’re not really kids anymore.  My daughter is 26 and my son is 28.  Not exactly kids.

Both do all of the social media stuff.  Over the July 4th weekend both were home and for the first time I noticed the wonder in social media and how it has made their lives better.

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