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Who Should Own The Family Business?

family business resized 600I recently asked a client of mine to start the process of asking his family who should own the family business.  This is a question that you need to ask if you have more than one child and one of them doesn’t work in the business.

Would you want to support a sibling who’s not in the business?

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Is A Family Bank Right For You?

family business portraitI had the pleasure of recently running into Judy Greene from the Family Firm Institute at a meeting.  During our conversation I asked her if it’s still true that 30% of first generation businesses end up being transferred to the second generation. 

Her reply surprised me.  Instead of answering the question she gave me a completely different perspective to think about.  She said the way to think about my question is about family business formation, not just about the original family business.  This different perspective fits in with what I’ve been observing for the past several years.  It appears that children might not go into the family business, but that doesn’t mean they don’t go into any business. 

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Will We Ever Understand How Important Private Business Is? – Part One

wall st. vs main st.

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4 Rules You Should Have For Children Joining The Business

Family BusinessI recently read a wonderful blog post by Barbara Taylor at the You’re the Boss Blog on the New York Times Site.  She was talking about a book that was recently written where the author strongly thinks that children should buy the business from their parents.  I don’t totally disagree with this idea, but I also like to leave room for other transfer methods of a family business.

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