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6 Secrets You Need To Know For Successful Projects


I love to start new things. There is something exciting about the new. I also find that it’s hard work to get something I start to the finish line.

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Who Makes The Investment Decisions In Your House?

Who Makes The Investment Decisions In Your House-.pngI remember my sister talking about buying a car and how the car salesman would only talk and look at her husband.  I can’t tell you how annoying she found this.  She kept going to different car dealers until a car salesman would work with her and not her husband.

You might say that she should have left her husband home.  If she did that, she wouldn’t be able to use her knockout on whether she wanted to use that particular car dealer.  She wanted to make sure that the car dealer worked with her and not her husband.  In the end, she really didn’t care as much about what type of car, she cared about being dealt with as the key buyer.

I know this sounds kind of silly and as I read this, I would agree.  At the same time it brings up a really important point……..Women make many more financial decisions that affect a family than we admit.

My own opinion about this.

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