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Your Social Security Primer


We're just starting the 4th quarter of the year. This is the time where you might be thinking about social security and if you qualify this year what are the rules and what should you do. 

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Topics: wealth management, financial education, social security planning

Retirement Planning in Stowe: 7 Things To Think About Before Retirement

retirement planning stowe

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Topics: retirement planning, financial planning, financial education

Darn, Things Just Cost Too Much

candy store resized 600If you’re over sixty years old then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Things just cost too much.  I remember when…

Things don’t really cost more.

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Topics: cultural change, value, financial education

2 Cool Ways To Teach Your Children Money Skills

fiscal responsibility resized 600A conversation I regularly have with parents is one around how we transfer positive money skills to our children.  We’ve all seen young adults who have been pampered by their parents and as young adults they act irresponsible when it comes to money skills. 

I suspect you don’t want this to happen to your children.  Instead, wouldn’t it be better that as your children grow they learn about and integrate responsible money skills?  You might even find that when your children reach being young adults the skills they’ve learned make them financially responsible.

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Topics: finances, Children, financial education

Do We Really Have A Credit Crisis? – Enterprise Value

credit card finance2If you believe everything you read in the media no one is getting bank loans and private business owners are not getting any credit.  The small circle that I associate with has shown me the opposite is true. 

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Topics: for business owners, enterprise value, private business owners, loans, credit crisis, financial education

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