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6 Reasons You’re Lousy at Forecasting the Future

6_Reasons_Youre_Lousy_at_Forecasting_the_Futue.pngIf you were an Econ (a totally rational person) you would be able to take all of the information that’s available to use and use that information to accurately forecast what’s going to happen in the future.  That might be true if all of us including you are able to keep your biases and feelings out of the way when making predictions about what’s going to happen in the future.

The truth is you’re not an econ and neither am I.  Both of us have this problem.  We are way too optimistic about what’s going to happen in the future.

My problem with budgeting.

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Topics: financial planning, scenario planning, behavioral economics

How Do Your Values Stack Up With Your Spouse

How_Do_Your_Values_Stack_Up_Wtih_Your_Spouse.pngI often talk with clients about what they want in life. Before we get into the specifics about what you want I think you have to have a conversation about you about values.

This conversation needs to include both leaders in the family. That means if the husband first contacted me about working together I need to understand both his values and his significant other’s values. If we don’t do this, there is a very good chance that will be putting a plan together that does not accurately reflect the wants and needs of both people in a relationship.

I’m sure this is something that you don’t want to have happen to you and if it is something you want to prevent, then read on.

Start by understanding your values.

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Topics: financial planning, Values, Value clarification

6 Common Risks That Can Ruin Your Retirement




A large part of the work we do at Stage 2 is helping our clients manage risk. In the investment part of our business that would mean investment management.

That’s not the only type of risk we help you manage. I think a more important risk is what I’m starting to call retirement risk. These are risks besides investment risk that we should be helping you think about.

Here are 6 things for you to consider.

Let’s start with health.

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Topics: retirement planning, financial planning, scenario planning

Are You Outspending Your Assets?



This is a question I want you to ask yourself. Too often we spend money and we don’t pay attention to the future.

The best way to find this out is to create a financial plan that shows your spending patterns, your saving patterns and your investment returns.

Read on to find out how this might affect you.

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Topics: retirement, financial planning, investment returns

A Financial Secret That You Probably Know




Here’s a secret that you probably already know. Your spouse is a very important part of any investment decision you’re about to make. This is something you want to recognize and it’s something you want to share with anybody who is helping you with your financial planning or investment management.

If you’re interested in learning more about why you need to pay attention to this read on.

Your spouse might understand your financial situation better than you.

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Topics: financial planning, investment management, spouse involvement in decisions

Boomers, Are You Ready For Retirement?

Boomers_Are_You_Ready_For_Retirement.pngToday I want to talk with you about getting ready for retirement. I’m going to bet that most of you are still working and haven’t retired. Even if you’ve already retired this post will be valuable for you.

Since 1999 there’s been a problem that we’ve all had to deal with. And that problem is the volatility that we see in the stock market. Many of us are scared to have our money in the equity market. That’s too bad, because history has shown that having a reasonable allocation in stocks helps us live through retirement more comfortably.

The new, new.

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Topics: retirement planning, financial planning, investment management

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes - What You Need To Know When You Sell Your Business

Taxes_Taxes_Taxes._What_You_Need_To_Know_When_You_Sell_Your_Business.pngWell there’s even more than taxes that you need to know about when it’s time to sell your business. Too often I hear financial planners make presentations about a business owner client and it isn’t very accurate.

First know the value of your business.

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Topics: financial planning, exit planning, business sale taxes

Do You Make These Mistakes When Planning With Your Spouse

Planning_with_Spouse.pngI don’t mean planning for how many children you’re going to have, where you live or how you spend your time together. I’m talking about planning for your financial future, hopefully with a competent financial planner.

Don’t let your planner be a car salesman. 

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Topics: financial planning, values discovery

The Real Reason You Want An Investment Advisor

realInvestment management has been changing. The options today for how you manage money is growing. The investment process can be reduced to using a computer program if you’re inclined to do so.

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Topics: financial planning, investment management

Is Your Business Going To Run Out Of Cash?

cashHere’s a news flash for you.  You need cash to run your business.  If you agree with that really stupid statement, then why don’t you know how to read your cash flow statement?  OK, well it won’t be all of you…..a few of you will know how to read it.

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Topics: financial planning, Cash Flow, cash flow management

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