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How We Complete A Financial Plan in 3 Hours – Financial Planning

Financial Planning Process resized 600I was recently at a conference where the presenter was talking about the length it takes for a financial plan to be delivered to a client.  He said that among the best firms he found that the average financial plan takes 35 days to be completed.

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Topics: financial planning, business relationship management, financial services, client collaboration

10 Reasons We Like Change

changeThat’s right, we like change.  Without change many of us would be out of a job or a business.  The world changes and we need to learn to change along with it….not to far in front, but enough that we can take advantage of new things as they come down the pike.

Change is often seen as a problem.  It always requires us to do things a little bit differently and often causes some inconvenience.  It’s the inconvenience or un-comfortableness that often keeps from making the changes we need to make.

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Topics: starting a business, business exit planning, leaving your business, financial services, Change, better jobs

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